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Sissy Babies

I was wondering just how many of you babies out there absolutely love to dress up just as girly and as frilly as you can. Do you like to wear pastel onesies, suck on pink paci's, or go all out with dresses with fluffy petticoats? Let me know!

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    Hello mam

    I'm sissy baby freddy and I live in davison mich and I love to b in diapers and plastic pants and ruffled rhumba panties and bonnets and sissy baby clothes and dresses,.l I certainly pink anything and will wear whatever mommy wants me to and takes me outside,and see,s that I'm teased and made fun of and Regression and humiliation out in public dressed up in my favorite baby sissy dress,,

    Totally diapered ABDL 

    I'm baby freddy 

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  •  Akapol: 

    Hi, Mommy -- babies where what mommy picks out for them, right?  :)

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  •  BbMommy: 

    Mmmm, so many sissies and adult baby girls to play with! I know that we would have LOTS of fun!

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  •  tommie2: 

    Hi iam tommie.  i have always adore pretty lill dresses and bras and panties.  to be a lill sissy baby

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  •  babyrexi: 

    of course i would simply do as mommy  preferred. but in private i love wearing satin bloomers and baby dolls and dresses. my favorite onesies are pink. my ribbon for my paci is pink and so are my favorite tops and baby panties. i'm not as much a sissy baby as an adult baby girl. some people think t here's as difference, not sure, but i do know that when i'm in my baby clothes i identify strictly as female, which isn't too far away from my daily adult persona. xoxo

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