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Sleeptytime Story Hour for Littles and AB's

Hello darlings I have exciting news to share with you. On we are going to be hosting a Sunday Sleepytime Story Hour. On Sunday Dec. 6th at 9 pm EST we will have a special bedtime activity and story time for all the Littles that would like to be tucked into bed by mommy.  This is a non-sexual safe space activity. It will be a group activity so there will be sometime for interaction with your Little friends before storytime. You do not HAVE to interact if you do not wish to.

We will also have a pre-storytime playdate hour for those who wish to come early and do fun activities with the babysitter before Mommy reads the story. The cost of the storytime is $30.00 for the hour and for the pre-storytime activity it is an additional $30.00. The event will take place in Skype. If you would like to have more information you may email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to tell you more about it.

I really hope to see you there for a wonderfully sweet time with all of the darling little boys and girls who enjoy some sweet and playful bedtime bonding.


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    We had such a great time at the first one!  This mommy was just enchanted by the sweet excitement our little ones had to our storytime. I hope that we will have even more fun and more Littles with us at the next one on Thursday night at 9 pm EST Dec 13th.  My heart is still warm from the first one!

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