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So I don't "kink write"

So, Most of my writing has little to nothing to do with adult babies, diapers, or anything sexual. Why? Simple. There is more to life than what I'm wearing, what you are wearing, or what we could do with one another. (unless it's making cupcakes....fuck yeah cupcakes!) I just don't care to center myself around such things. Plus, if all I did was talk about sexual stuff or jsut talk about diapers, pretty sure it would be pretty boring, and fairly creepy. Besides, like I said, there's so much more to life than that so I just like to blog my thoughts on random things, and also to just vent.


So if you want to jsut talk about your nursery, or what diaper you are in, or what you did in yours, hey good for you. Personally, though yes I wear, yes I like others wearing, I am more than a singular fetish and need. ^_^



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Cleverly disguised as an adult...
11.24.2017 (1241 days ago)
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