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So is anything being done?

So, I know others have had this problem. Personally, I don't like talking to people who don't have or don't actually post things on their profiles. I mean I like having some kind of an idea of the person that I'm talking to, what they're about. Hobbies interests etc, I mean other than what they are or aren't wearing as undies.But, I keep noticing when I click on a name, it says "PROFILE NOT AVAILABLE FOR VIEW". Now, I know it's not private, because private ones come up  with different messages stating they're private. And it's not inactive profiles that this happens to, it's people who I am talking to in the chatroom. I mean, they're right there, in the chat, how is the profile not there?


So is this a known issue? Is this going to be fixed? 0_o

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    So, there's a couple of things that explains what you're seeing:

    1. The admin (I'm not sure if he has some moderator of some type too) manually approves each individual account as far as I can tell. Prior to the approval a profile appears inaccessible and gives that "not available for view" message.
    I don't know the criteria for approval. I recall there be a pending time when I had registered a few years back.

    2. The chat system is actually separate from the site base code. The chat system is from a third-party developer and the code and layout for the site runs on it's own platform from another third-party developer. These do, obviously, integrate well enough together to allow a member on the site to be auto-registered through the chat system as well and can use either seamlessly; however, the chat system does not integrate user roles or permissions. Meaning, while an account is in the "pending review and approval" stage the chat system doesn't realize the account is not to be fully activated yet. 
    I know this because the sites I admin. have the same chat system base. I also looked into using this specific code previously a few years ago but found it had been deprecated (and probably takes a lot of altering, editing, and security measures to maintain properly--kudos for the admin here for doing what he can with it, it really isn't easy working with someone else's code especially when it's gone unsupported).
    The chat system is still supported and is actively being worked on by the developer team, but they are slow for updates. Supposedly they are working on some new massive update coming within the next year but that's fallen through previously. I don't know what the stance with this chat room system is (I paid for the highest tier system so I receive updates, but I can't speak for what DiaperMates has chosen). That being said, it's possible that in the future the system will be better integrated into registration permissions.

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