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So ladies, open forum looking for advice.

Well, I'm just going to be blunt (kind of a specialty). I've been single for uhm.....several years. What, advice do you ladies out there have about getting a date? I'm being quite serious. See, I normally try striking up a normal conversation, get to know someone online and see where it goes. It pretty much goes right to the friendzone if anything. I don't focus on what they are or aren't wearing under their clothes, and I don't feel the need to update them on what I am or are not wearing and the condition of it.  I take interest in what's being said, don't blow off, try to joke around but yeah like I said..... several years single. *twitches* it's starting to get to me. And no, I don't sit there going "WOE IS ME WILL YOU BE MY LADY I'VE BEEN SINGLE SO LONG!!!!" I mean, I like to bathe regularly so I don't reek of desperation ya know? :p


Oh I should also point out, that I don't jump into role play, in other words I don't automatically act like a daddy, or ask them to mommy me. But anyways, where do I go wrong ladies? I know there are a few women on here, and no just because you reply to this I'm not going to jump all over ya. I'm just seriously wondering where I mess up and end up getting nowhere. Also, I don't presume after like 4 messages OKAY lets get together.


So, if you would be so kind, any advice would be appreciated. If there is any kind of question you want to ask about me, you can ask. I just want to figure out where I'm messing up.

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    The first thing I thought it when you said being blunt is a specialty. I wonder if sometimes you may come off too forward? Your approach seems to be okay, casual conversation and seeing where that leads. But sometimes in my experience, when I come across something that is too blunt, it is a turn off. At least when initially getting to know someone. Try mirroring them, communicating the way that they do so they have time to get to know you little by little. Not just whammo here I am LOL that to me is totally the friend type of guy. 

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I'm just crazy enough.... makes it fun :p
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