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Story time (fiction)

This is a story about 2 friends that get into all kinds of trouble!  Our diapered friends begin the day in a thrift shop.............

Philip and Tori walk into their local thrift shop to browse around for odds and ends, but mostly a good diaper score!

Philip rounds the corner to the men’s ware area to look for pants.  Tori is looking in the blue isle.  Tori finds something she believes is a bag of diapers.  She bends down and thinks “I really hope this is what I think it is”as she bends down she feels her stomach burble. “Oh no not here please not here!”  Meanwhile Philip has found a pair of jeans and is in the fitting room trying them on. He thinks to himself. “So awesome I found a pair my size! Now to just get these one off.” As soon as he starts to unbutton his pants, he feels it , the floodgates are gonna open!  “Oh boy this will be a true test! “ he thought.  Right around the corner......

Tori is in great pain from trying to hold in her stomach load.  “I’m not going to be able to hold this in, it hurts to bad!”  Tori knows it will be ok as she is wearing a cute thick pink diaper, but she is still scared.  “It will be ok if I let it out. Oh god feels like a lot ! It’s gonna smell I know it” she said to herself. 


Till nest time

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