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Okay so, when you are a streaming company here's a tip. Make sure your streams work. Second tip? Make sure your customer service people actually read the damn emails.


I am a member on funimation and that's how I watch most of my anime. Okay, that's how I watch all of my anime for now but I have a good feeling that is about to change drastically. I've been having problems with their customer service for several months. First, they have every episode of One Piece which, yeah that's awesome.....but..... it's only dubbed to episode 530. There are over 700 episodes.... *twitches* So, I contact their CS to see when they will be dubbing, or posting dubbed episodes. Their response? "Hey thanks for contacting Funimation CS, dubbing is pricey so please just buy products to support your favorite show".   Okay, what the hell. How is that a response? Yes I get that dubbing comes with a price tag because you have to pay audio engineers, voice actors, and everyone else that puts the voices to the characters. BUT, to just blow me off and say buy stuff, that makes me NOT want to buy anything. Now, I know there are a lot of non-paying members but I am a paying member so I can bypass their ads and what not and have unlimited streams.


Speaking of their streams.... okay so watching one show, I'm going through the episodes, almost through the series, and BAM stream stops. I get error messages saying "Episode not available for viewing, can not load. So, I go through the normal steps of trying to watch it on a different browser, and different device. Guess what? The stream doesn't fucking work. I try different shows and different episodes, and they work....but that one doesn't. I look at the video comments, of which there is 1 saying "what is the deal, the stream won't play" So, once again I contact their CS and I go in full detail saying hey this episode of this show won't play. I've tried it several times using different machines and browsers and it will not load. Want to hear their response? "HEY thanks for contacting CS have you tried using a different browser or machine to see if that works? " Seriously, what in the flying fuck. I've flat out told you that yes, I have tried it and no that didn't change the result.



I am pretty certain I'm cancelling my membership this month at that site because their CS is complete crap. I mean, you are a streaming site....make sure your streams fucking work for one, secondly listen to your customers. Ugh.

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