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The Orphan baby up for Adoption

To all mothers that like adult babies.

I am a sweet orphan baby boy that has memory loss and I am still a virgin as I have never found anyone to love me as what I am, I have been in hospital most of my time and been kept on the baby ward as I am a baby that wears diaper's 24/7 all the time and that the only foods I eat are baby foods an snacks and drinks baby formulas for new born to stage two and also drinks baby juices from a normal baby bottle and never been breastfed before. Now I am out off hospital looking for a real mommy that would have me as her real natural baby and do all the same things to me as if I was belonged to them and they would do all the motherly things to me and be able to take me out with them dressed as their baby and also be able to change my diaper's out in public as a real normal baby. The only true mother out there that wants me as her baby must be able to do everything with me as her baby and even if mommy goes on holiday, shopping, walking and going out, as I shall belong to her and if mommy starts breastfeeding me she shall have the bone that she has been looking for, for some time an then have all Power, Rights and Control Over me as her real natural normal baby boy. 

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    Your writing style leaves me breathless. Try using some more periods.

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