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The Real Grinch Lives In Me!

I hate this time of year when Christmas comes around,
It does nothing for me whatsoever other than makes me Angry and Sad with a Frown.

It has been this way for the most part of my life, so it is not something that's new here, 
and I am positing this message to all of you that might want to give me a Holiday Cheer.

Don't!... It's pointless!... You will never gain or win over my small Heart,
many have tried before you and done everything to make me a part.

I genuinely do not care to the point I wish it never existed,
so bear this in mind before you add me to your Wish List.

Why is it this way Stewart, and what has you so worked up?
I will tell you my little excitable friend, but first you'll need a bigger Cup!

Christmas has lost its focus for years and generations,
to the point where Billions are spent a year just for the one-day Celebration.

There are people like you and me that can be fortunate with some life's rewards,
but it is not this way for many in this world especially those without money or resource.

They get treated like dirt and degraded because they're too poor to stay healthy,
which every day the only reason is that the Fat Cats wish to remain wealthy.

People don't care about other people which is always shown by their selfish ways,
Not one of you can afford to argue this because it will be shown in the next coming days.

You will fight, barge, rush and stomp to get all the latest things,
while these people that do live among you will still forgive you for all your sins.

Countries don't even care about those that don't have anywhere to call home,
Simply because they're too busy fighting over who will have the best everything when it comes to War Zones.

Probably none of you deserve anything that this Holiday will bring,
Including me which is why I always chose to never make it a real big thing.

You all may laugh and snigger at what I am saying to you here,
because everyone ignores the importance of Christmas year-on-year.

You'll get fat on the biggest Turkeys, the Chocolates and the Spuds,
whilst never thinking about those less fortunate that never even could.

So what do I say to all of you that think Christmas is the very best?
Just always know it's only about competition and who has more than all the rest. 

You will laugh, you will cry, you will experience the exciting moments that Christmas brings,
but you will never be forever happy because there are always better things.

You just hang your Lights and Tinsel with the intentions of spreading Joy,

and Merry f""king Christmas to all you undeserving Grown-Ups, Girls and Boys!


Stay Safe!... Stay Well!... Stay Positive!

(aka The Real Baby Grinch!)



I may hate Christmas with a passion, but I will always wish everyone Safety, Blessings and Well Wishes during the Holidays!

I may be a Grinch... but I am not completely heartless!!!


Lil_Angel_Stewie 11.15.2021 3 173
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  •  Motherly: 

    Aww, you certainly do have some truth in what you say but you could still enjoy the holidays without participating in the greed and consumerism so much. I do feel it would be a better experience for all if we all turned our focus from purchasing to valuing time we can spend with friends and family. I hope that you have that someday, with no pressures of gifting but all the expectations of enjoying a moment together. 

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  •  diaperedtrkdrvr: 

    What you've said is 100% true! Christmas is now nothing more than a monument to corporate GREED.

      P.S. BAH HUMBUG!

                signed SCROOGE 


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