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Welp, 139 episodes later .....blocked....

So, I've spent the last 2 weeks or so watching stuff on my amazon. I know I used to say why buy prime....and then I got hooked on the streaming. So anyways, me being a tv and  film dork yeah I'm hooked and well the latest series I watched, Third Rock from the Sun. Yeah I didn't watch it when it was on the air. But started from episode one and finally finished it tonight. Very cringy at the start, and well honestly through most of it. BUT, that's what made it good. But yeah Third Rock was good, John Lithgow is great. Great comedy, great drama (No there wasn't, well, there isn't much drama on it).


So anyways, like I stated, I'm a film dork. I watch a lot of movies because well..... me and people don't work out too well....YAY SOCIAL ANXIETY!!!!! And well, just in general people being uninterested in hanging and goofing off. Anyways, so I'm going through my twitter feed and I see one of my friends posting about how she doesn't like snakes, and someone apparently sent her a pic of a snake saying "bye felicia". I reply with asking if it was from a movie, cause honestly I swore it was from virtuosity. Btw, the snake in the movie was named Elizabeth. Anywho, because of that reply she flat out blocked me. I mean, I can understand being blocked if I sent her gifs of snakes slithering all over someone, or like the snake pit from Indiana Jones and Raiders of the lost Ark. I mean had I sent her that, then yeah okay I deserve to be blocked. But, just asking a question since I'm such a damn goober I get blocked. Honestly, that bothered me. This is someone I would check in on and try to build up because they're going through some hard times medically and I feel bad for them, I dunno. Maybe I shouldn't bother if I'm going to keep puttin my foot in my mouth ya know?  And no, I'm not going to name names. 

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    Sorry to learn about what happened - social media can be terrible for people struggling with anxiety or behaviour with others. Don't let this particular person worry you, if that is their attitude then maybe they aren't worth your time and energy.

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