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What is wrong with the world....

Okay so a friend of mine is taking online college classes and we are both just confused and frustrated over one of her courses. It's supposed to be a course over careers. One lesson went over self esteem. What, the fuck....Why is there a lesson on self esteem for careers?? Then better yet, follow that up with a lesson that PURELY subjective. The lesson goes over "values". Listen, my values, aren't your values, which isn't your friends, sure there may be overlaps here and there but values, personal frickin values are completely subjective. One of the questions, actually said, "It's 100 years from now and your grandchildren find an article on you on wikipedia, what does it say and how does it display your values?", I mean come on. First off, in 100 years, wikipedia won't exist. The internet as we know it today will be a memory. Secondly in 100 years, more than likely we will all be dead. No seriously, she'd be 121 years old. But more importantly, what the flying fuck is this lesson supposed to accomplish if anything AND how the fuck can you even grade something subjective? Again, how and why the fuck is this even a course? She's pissed that basically she is going to go in debt taking courses that mean NOTHING....She liked the schooling she got in the military because it was structured, and hey it made sense. There were right and wrong answers, everything connected, had meaning, and had purpose. THIS? This is shit.


Me and her had a lengthy discussion about how college is just fucked. I mean, people spend money getting degrees, only to find that they can't find a job with said degree and even if you do, spend years paying off the debt. Plus, again, courses that have zero bearing on reality. I mean if she was going for a heh....psychology degree, sure. But she isn't.

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