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Why I am a reclouse.

A little history. almost 2 decades ago I was dumped by my at the time gf. No biggie right? I mean I was around 16? Well, out of the blue she contacts me on facebook all these years later. No, not to say something like surprise you have a kid you didn't know about. No, honestly she contacted me wanting to fuck. Gee, that's great, apparently I'm only good for a lay.... ugh. I tell her that I may be a sexual person but, I don't just fuck anyone, I am not random and I don't do hookups. Doesn't matter if we dated years ago or not, I only sleep with someone that I am with in a relationship. Also, I don't just jump into relationships anymore after being burned so much in my teens.


Well, I proposed we catch a flick and catch up last saturday. Had everything but the time set. What happened? She disappeared, went cold until late that night and claimed her "friends" needed her. Okay, sure, whatever, honestly I call bullshit really. I mean yeah I know things come up, but it's not that hard to respond to a message saying something came up. I decide against my better judgement I offer one more attempt at a get together, meet up for dinner. Same thing, she vanishes just before it's supposed to happen. So yeah, I'm cutting ties to her completely. I'm done.


This is why I am reclusive. I'm just sick of being lied to, and led on. I am tired of people bailing. The only person I can rely on to keep a plan, is myself. And I refuse to be used as just a fuck toy. Yeah I know that I'm not the most appealing guy out there and maybe I shouldn't be so picky but I refuse to let things slide and change my ideals. If I change, I know that I am just going to find myself being used. I'm not a great guy but I'm a decent person.  But yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

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  •  Alexandernolan: 

    Give yourself some respect. You are not a toy to be called when she sees fit. You are you. I mean she dumped you so she wanted to try forbidden fruit. Face it get out there and go to bars in the evening and just have a drink make friends and who knows what they might be interested in abdl and play!

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  •  BabyAya: 

    Here's how estrogens works, once every 2 or so weeks you get really horny and you try to find someone to scratch the itch. She called you because you were good in bed. The next day it goes away (you find an outlet, somehow) and the cycle starts again. 

    The problem is when a guy who is a good lay has baggage, wants to Netflix and chill and you genuinely don't like him. Take it as a complement, you totally satisfied her but she prefers the company of others. 

    Personally I don't use people. Guys take it really seriously


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  •  DaddynBabyBoy: 

    Thank you for sharing this.  She had her goals for contacting you and you explained your boundaries.  Well done.  You explained how’d you’d feel or think you would have if you gave her the control she wanted.  You want and we all need intimacy   That’s what really makes sex meaningful because it’s part of something much greater.  

    You can’t have an intimate relationship with someone if they want something from you.  

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