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abdl lover

are you more of an adult baby or a diaper lover tell me which one and why :)

abdlmommycrissy 02.23.2018 4 208
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  •  rex111: 

    100% Diaper lover, although I like the idea of caring for a female AB, if the opportunity presents itself ;)

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  •  MDD20: 

    I'm more of a Diaper Lover but I am curious about wanting to be babied by someone.

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  •  Babyathome: 

    Much more an adult baby. Seems I've been that way ever since I was very young.

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  •  MuppetBoi: 

    I'm more of  a diaper lover, as diapers are an actual fetish for me, but I like acting cute and childish on occasions with a loved one.

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This Mommy loves using diaper punishment :)
02.23.2018 (298 days ago)
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