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anyone in Louisville Kentucky


im 33 years old I've always loved diapers since I was 8 because when  i was at my aunt roses my cousin chas was three and in diapers a few times i was over there i put my cousins diaper  and i loved it but i didnt use them i live in Louisville Kentucky and im looking for someone or a couple who is bisexual that will change my diaper and everything else also who knows five highschool students that are 18 or two other diaper lovers that are bisexual because im bisexual like to be in diapers because after I read a story called sex 101 I have fantasies about one of the special needs teachers puts a diaper on me because the teacher knows that I like diapers and stuff like that because one of the students wears diapers and now getting re-toilet train and me living with some of my teachers from school are there also other people that wear diapers also people that I know from highschool and other diaper lovers wearing diapers and everything else and having some of my classmates and other diaper lovers give me oral sex and other sexual desires especially males in front of my teachers because in my fantasy a lot the rules don't apply because regruard less of age everyone does sexual things to eachother because everyone is diapered and being toilet trained aI would like to fulfill thease desires which is I need to take meds to piss and shit myself my diaper changer or anyone else needs to change my diapers and during it I want this person to give me a hand job or have me jerk off in there mouth also i sleep in the same bed with two students that wears diapers as well but we wear pullups when i wake up in the morning and if someones pullup  is really soaked on that day they don't where a diaper they piss and shit on a towel or I take towel off go on a changing pad and on that day if I'm hard I get milked by you or anyone who is cleaning me up. Also on the weekends i get re-toilet train me so on those days I half to wear pull ups to as diapers after him or her changes me they need to do three things give a hand job and ask me if want I want to wear a diaper or a pull up and  if I wear a diaper and I messed or wet it without there permission I get a spanking and if I piss or shit my diaper the fourth time I have to wear underwear and piss and shit in the underwear and when it's full I get a spanking. For a week straight except when someone wants to milk me then they put a diaper on me and puts there hand in my diaper but if I to go they must take off my diaper and I just go right there and get spanked, also I wear a pullup to bed and I must use them and get spanked get a spanking, that will be my punishment.  Also must piss down someones mouth three times a day to have who ever in charge to see my cock get hard so the person who is having my piss run down there mouth knows to it's time play with it and when I'm to cum who ever is charge has me explode in there hand also on Fridays I'm allowed to piss and shit my pants in underwear  be changed into underwear or in diapers or pullu if I wear a diaper I can use the toilet or only use it to jerk off in it if I go in it I get so spanking and I have to change myself and I am not allowed to wear a diaper for two weeks I can only use plastic pants, pullups and underwear and when I do use the plastic pants and the pullups I must ask to use them and if I go in them with out asking must use my underwear for a week straight and get a spanking every time someone changes me. And one more thing I would like to do sexual things with males and females  that wear diapers and those who are in charge and most of it also this goes the other diaper lovers I would like to meet also I would like to have people to role-play my aunt Rose,my cousin Lexi and my cousin chas and my aunt Michelle to recreate the time I was eight though this time I use the diapers and my aunt Rose decides to have me in diapers and everything I desire still goes


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