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cheap diapers to super diapers

So if your like me and can’t afford those super awesome abdl diapers, here’s a way to have the same experience minus cost and cute.

Cvs Walgreens Walmart ect all sell a 4 tape cloth back adult diaper.  Cvs being my go to as you can the the second thing you’ll need.  So they sometimes have a sale for 40 diapers for 1799 and they also have the overnight pads long for 64 1699$ so you now have 40 diapers and 64 pads do under 40$ cvs card helps allot and if you have a receipt from the last time there might be 3$ off as well.  Now you will need the following: scissors thick piece of cardboard, thumb tacks the flat ones and duct tape.  Pull a pad out and measure the width on the piece of cardboard. Make the length about half size of the pad.  Now cut out you piece and start putting thumb tacks in the piece of cardboard.  Make sure they are spaced good no clumps of tacks.  Cut your duct tape and make it long enough to just cover the front and back yes over the tack ends.  This tool is now you piercer for the back of the pads.  Now make as many passes as you need to poke holes in the entire back (where the paper is) once done open a diaper all the way take the paper off the back of the pad and add to diaper making sure to not have it to high or low right around where you know it needs to be. Strap up and there you have it no it’s not plastic backed and now it’s not fun looking but the thick factor especially after a wetting is amazing and the pad diaper combo works perfectly because of drip wetting from the holes in the pad.  Hope that helps anyone that wants better bang for the buck.

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