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cloth or disposable?

do you #abdls prefer #cloth diapers or disposable diapers? tell me which and why :)

DommeMommyAva 01.29.2018 8 235
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  •  Bellybag58: 

    Disposables. Less wash and odor.

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  •  babyrexi: 

    i must admit i'm a purist, strictly cloth for me, multi-layered and covered by a nice roomy pair of cute baby panties.....

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  •  InfantileAnxiety: 


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  •  Billybaby: 

    I swear by my terry nappies at night time.folded kite style they form a thick pad in the middle and I also put on a Drynites nappy as a booster! I have never woken up with wet sheets but a very nappy!! I also love wearing Japanese style plastic pants which snap on but cover the terry nappy extremely well .

    All I need now is a large size adult baby sleeper Onsie with snaps down the legs, and I will be a happy contented baby!

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  •  tommie2: 

    I like disposables diapers .  the crinkling noise

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