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So, I just think it's personally funny that this year I was going to get out of my shell and actually go out more, attempt to do munches and better my chances of something positive in my life happening. AAAAAND the plague hits. Well shit. lol Now, I've been alone for a long while, and lately it's been hitting me hard again. I'm just so starved and deprived from the simplest touch. Here's how bad it is.I was walking through work with a female coworker, she noticed something on the back of my shirt and very simply, just wiped it off.  That, made me stop in my tracks.  I basically melted over the fact that she simply touched my back. That's how starved for physical interaction that the simple act of brushing something off the back of my shirt made me melt.

liljester 05.30.2020 0 357
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Cleverly disguised as an adult...
05.30.2020 (322 days ago)
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