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what was it like the first time you put on a diaper?

DommeMommyAva 02.23.2018 4 178
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  •  rex111: 

    I felt utterly shattered knowing that I had to wear due to incontinence, the worst bit was having to wear during the day  at work. Thankfully, I have never had any issues with leaky diapers, and as far as I know , work colleagues are not aware of my little secret.  I have grown to love wearing over the years, as they give we the confidence to get on with my life, and spare my blushes.

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  •  littleboy1994: 

    i was in heaven it felt soo good 


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  •  dphusser: 

    I was excited my cock got hard i jerked off thinking about my teacher changing me i wss about 17

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  •  bbrz: 

    I was very embarrassed, and humiliated, to be put to diapers by my wife!

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