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dirty diaper

how long do you wear your diapers before being changed?

DommeMommyAva 03.04.2018 6 226
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  •  Rusty_Pins: 

    I don't wear premium diapers and usually limit my wearing to about 3 hours in the early morning when I get up around 6 or 7am. After about 3 hours I'm pretty wet and need to remove my diaper.  When I go out of town for the day Christmas shopping or running errands I  will be diapered all day and usually wear plastic pants over my disposable diaper.  They have saved my pants many times as by the time I go to change my diaper, it's usually soaked and leaking.  Maybe 4 houts max in a wet diaper.  I rarely poop my diaper because I hate the smell and clean up, but when I do I usually change withing 15 minutes. I have been thinking of messing my diaper more and more though.

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  •  allydiapeez: 

    I have fallen asleep in very Wet and Messy, squishy, stinky Diapers and plastic pants..So at least for 8 hours or so..Back in my younger Dayz..Oh what Fun that was..Alas..What Fun it is to have someone to do it With.. again sometime i'm sure..:)

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  •  mommynamedsusan: 

    I'm a mommy who has seen some ab's go all day, just want to be careful of diaper rash because that is no fun. Unless your one that like having mommy apply the cream ;).

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  •  wetbobbie: 

    I don't mess my diaper and that makes a big difference. But I usually go all day (like 6-7 hours) and I'm pretty wet by that time. 

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  •  Anonymous: 

    Wet diapers only, but typically hours - until it starts to leak.

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