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favorite diaper?

tell me what your favorite brand is and why!

DommeMommyAva 03.12.2018 2 166
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  •  littleboy1994: 

    rearz, ABU, little paws

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  •  wetbobbie: 

    my Wife orders my diapers and She gets to choose but my favorites are MoliCare Super Pluses. They're soft inside on my peepee and hold a lot of pee!! and i love the lavender color plastic backing (which is quite crinkly) Right now i'm in Tranquility ATNs which are like my 2nd favorite...even softer inside I think but plain white plastic (also crinkly) She also gets me NorthShore Care Supremes which aren't as soft at all...they're actually pretty stiff. But they hold a lot of pee and have a crinkly plastic backing. But here's what i learned...and this will be impoortant for everyone who is kept in NorthShore Supremes...before putting it on fluff it up!! ..just like you're fluffing up a pillow. and it gets much bulkier and maybe a little bit softer but it is so much less stiff and it gets super thick (even gets way thicker and bulkier when it's wet. They're my 3rd favorite!! They hold more than the ATNs. For the ultimate, try a fluffed up NorthShore Supreme with a Tranquility Contour get the Tranquility softness pluss a massive amount of bulkiness and huge pee absorbency!! 

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