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it just doesn't get easier....

It's never been easy to find someone accepting of who/what I am that wants to real relationship. Sure, I could find someone more than likely who wants to "fuck the freak" or have a meaningless fling to fulfill their fetish desires but as far as finding someone who is open, honest, and actually wanting a relationship? Nope. Just doesn't seem to be happening and I've been looking for a little over a decade. Now, I don't expect to log on, email one profile and BAM be in a relationship.....I mean c'mon who actually thinks that would happen? IF you do, you need to wake up.Anyways, I never expected it to be easy, but this is just getting ot the point where it's beyond words. 

I mean, aside from yeah I have my own set of standards, apparently the women on here, the real women, are pretty much pay to play mommies, dommies, and so on. Sorry but no. I'm not looking to get my rocks off, sorry, and even if I was, I wouldn't pay for phone or internet sessions to do so. Then, some women hide shit from you. First off, ladies, DiaperMates is a PERSONALS site. To me, that means hi I'm looking for someone to date, get in a relationship with and so on. If you already have someone say a fiance......why the hell are you on here? There are NON personal abdl sites for you to join for you to make friends and explore your interest. I am not here to collect friends, I am here trying to find my other half. Now yes, obviously it's best to start off as friends and build from there, but that's a pointless endeavor with someone who is spoken for. Hell, if I was taken, I would deactivate my profile here! And, if for what ever reason I couldn't deactivate it, I would post it clearly on my profile that I was with someone! I wouldn't just go "oh btw, I'm taken" after talking to someone for a while. To me, that's leading someone on for a let down which is not cool.


Is it too much to ask that people actually fill in their profiles on here? I mean aside from "I am such and such age and wear diapers" uhm okay, well, see once again this is DIAPERMATES.....diapers are in the title, pretty sure that everyone here either wears them, or has/does something corresponding to them like being a care giver. Plus, is everyone that one dimensional? Is that all that there is to do with your life? You just wake up, and sit in diapers all day doing nothing right? I mean you don't watch any kind of movie, you don't go to any kind of event, you don't listen to any kind of music and have no kind of hobby? That's all you do is sit in a diaper?  C'mon there's more to everyone here than our diapers folks, flesh out the profiles please? I mean what am I supposed to say to you? How am I supposed to connect with you? Honestly it is hard enough for me to break the ice, I suck at it without my depression kicking in making me want to be silent and sitting alone. It's not getting any easier for me to talk to people and not putting up anything other than "hey I wear diapers" doesn't help. Okay, you wear a diaper, what else? NO I'm not asking if you use them, I'm asking what else? Do you like music? What bands? Do you like movies? Do you like walking in the woods? Do you enjoy museums? what do you like other than the crinkle betwixt your legs?

liljester 12.30.2016 2 376
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  •  kayleetv: 
    just take time to get to know someone then tell them if they truely like u then they will accept u but go slow and let them get used to the idea
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  •  ChrisStar2015: 
    Hi, good afternoon. I like your post. There is more to life than wearing and or using diapers.
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I'm just crazy enough.... makes it fun :p
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