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number one or two

which do you prefer doing in your diaper a number one or a number two?

abdlmommycrissy 03.04.2018 7 283
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  •  Dprczyone: 

    I only do number 1's because the cleanup is so hard with 2's. If I had a real mommy that told me to use my diaper for everything then I would. 

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  •  TheWolfEmperor: 

    Mostly pee. 

    I did #2 quite a bit in my 20s and these days I just can't spare the time for the clean up.

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  •  JaredCDona: 

    I do both, mostly its just 2.

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  •  YummyABBoy: 

    I prefer making squishies...hee hee  :P

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  •  sissybabysamantha: 

    I only do number one number two to messy

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This Mommy loves using diaper punishment :)
03.04.2018 (289 days ago)
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