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plastic pants on members

would love to see more pics of adult babies with plasticpants on

pisspants 14 days ago 2 96
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  •  ppandd: 

    Yes it is a lost treasure.  But I suppose as us older generation how were raised in real cloth diapers with plastic pants fade away, so too will the pix of them.  Sad but likely.  It is interesting to see any young people that were raised in disposables- change to cloth and plastic pants.  Yet they are indeed the best bet for leaking from disposables (which they all do).  Now that you can get nursery prints. pastel colors, different types of plastic (I want to try some PEVA ones for the LOUD crinkling noise :)  just to see and add to my collection of about 12 pairs!

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  •  allydiapeez: 

    Yes!..Me too..Love the thick Diapers and Plastic pants pics..:)

     9 days ago 
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03.10.2019 (14 days ago)
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