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plastic pants or rubber pants?

hey #abdl lovers whats your favorite kind of #diaper cover plastic or rubber pants?

abdlmommycrissy 01.29.2018 7 368
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  •  Rusty_Pins: 

    Plastic pants were what I was raised in, but I like both.  Rairly wear rubber.  Hard to find and expensive, but many vinyl pants now days seem to be almost half rubber and very soft

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  •  Babyathome: 

    Plastic pants for sure.

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  •  will1234: 

    I wear plastic pants all my life. I use disp. for trips.

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  •  babyrexi: 

    i adore my vinyl baby panties, esp. yellow ones. i'm a cloth diaper baby and i think cloth diapers go with plastic baby panties best because of how babyish they look and how snuggwies they make me feel....giggles...

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  •  BabyGaz: 

    I would have to say plastic pants, they are far more babyish and look cuter.

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