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roadside accident

   Yesterday had started out as a good day which is a good thing. Yet as having incontinence is part of my life and it does what it does. On the way home i suddenly felt it happen and i ended up with a mess in the bottom of my diaper. Its no big deal as this has always happened to me, i pull over to get changed, and then of course while i have no diaper on, about to get my new one on, suddenly there was another accident, it had to be a messy one didn't it? So that happened and i had to do some wiping again, change my shorts after the new diaper went on,all while on the side of a remote country road. finally i got home and was thankful.   

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  •  Rusty_Pins: 

    Be thankful you didn't get stopped by the police and have to get out of your car.

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  •  BbMommy: 

    You were definitely a messy baby! You need to keep those diapers with you all the time, for sure.

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  •  phoneamommytammy: 

    Oh no! Accidents happen sometimes it's okay :) Good thing you had your diaper on!

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