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so I need to double check shipments....

So I get diapers weekly through northshore care. I have their autoship going so every week like clockwork I get a new bag delivered. I've been doing it like that for a long while without issue until this last shipment. They sent me large..... yeah not like I have any self esteem issues gotta call me big as well lol. For reference I wear medium. I will say this though about the company, they have EXCELLENT customer service. I emailed them about it saying "sorry to inform you, I should have checked my package sooner but you sent the wrong ones". See, normally I don't open a new one as soon as it shows up, I wait until the bag I'm currently on is low then I'll open it up. But, they responded fast, like same night, within the hour fast. I was very willing to send it back as I had not opened the bag, just the box but they said I could keep it, donate it, do whatever I wanted with it and they were sending me a new pack of mediums right away. And it usually takes a day for them to show up, so tomorrow I will have a new bag the right size, plus friday I will have my usual weekly shipment as well. ^_^


Maybe with the larges I could wear 2-3 and make an uber diaper? lol

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