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thickest diaper?

what's the thickest adult diaper you've ever tried on?

abdlmommycrissy 04.10.2018 11 1154
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  •  littleboy1994: 

    rearz safari


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  •  oldwetter66: 

       cloth pin on and plastic pants


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  •  Rusty_Pins: 

    Other than perhaps a cloth diaper now and then, the thickest disposable I have ever tried was the Abena Abriform X-Plus years ago.  I loved how much it swelled up the more I wet it.  I'd wear more of the premium disposable diapers that are thick and swell up but I can't afford the price

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  •  bedwetteruk: 

    two 60x60 terry nappies done as a Chinese fold 

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  •  allydiapeez: 

    Love Em' Thick Comfy..:)

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This Mommy loves using diaper punishment :)
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