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II go to sleep every night alone.  Truly alone, no one, nothing.  I get ready the same way for bed, lay out diaper, add pad, add powder, stand against the door with my bottom holding the diaper in place as I pull it up and strap it on.  I put on my boxers
DltlYawnoc 3 hours ago 0 6

Hi  Mommy Me dream of being just like your baby you have dreamed for and does mommy want a young baby or a older baby to care for as I have favourite baby foods and snacks I like eating Heinz baby foods and Cow and Gate First Milk Formula that I like drink
Babystephenjones 3 days ago 0 29

So, I have a weekly delivery of my diapers from NORTHSHORE CARE. Like clockwork (normally) I get home friday, there's the package waiting on the doorstep for me. This last friday, not the case. I didn't bother to look at the tracking just presumed that it
liljester 10 days ago 2 136

Drako's Art Contest - October 2019   The latest winner is: Azure World by Dolphyn (Mineau the Dolphin) - by Mineau -   Now for this month:   Nomination Theme: Castration   Voting Theme: Skunk
jmac32here 12 days ago 0 50

My rearz pink rebels arrived and I finally tried one on. I think it looks cute. Pictures in my profile. I couldn't figure out how to put them in here So far I think they are quit comfy.
diapered_sissy 12 days ago 0 69

Come now. It’s time for Mama to ROCK YOU TO SLEEP. The day has been long but it’s over now. Let’s get you ready to settle down and think of all the sweet dreams you can dream tonight. How does that sound?   You’ve had your bath and we’ve changed your dia
PhonesexMamas 13 days ago 0 51

I love being a phone sex mommy.  I know that you long for a mommy and I can be that mommy for you.  Being mature and being a mama, I understand the needs of men. Some may need a nurturing mommy and some may need a stern mommy.  I can be either.  I remembe
PhonesexMamas 13 days ago 0 47

Are you Mommy’s good boy? Do you love to cuddle and play? Our special time is our little secret. Lots of touching and pampering. Mommy’s boy is always looking for ways to make Mommy proud of him. Showing what a big boy he can be. Come over here, baby boy.
PhonesexMamas 13 days ago 0 47

Ohhh, poor baby.  I can see how positively starving you are.  I just fed you, though!  How can your tummy be so empty already?  Hmmm, I don’t think so.  Something tells me baby just likes having mommy’s nipples in his mouth.  Mommy’s soft, delicate, silky
PhonesexMamas 13 days ago 0 33

Impressed? No. I’m not impressed at all! I’ve been working hard all day. Practically slaving away to make the house a home for you and this is how you repay me? A dirty bedroom? Baby, I have only ever asked two things of you. One to be respectful and two t
PhonesexMamas 13 days ago 0 22
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