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Hi I’m a little from Ohio looking for local friends to chat with and maybe meet with if we get along well enough. My pms are open so feel free to message. 
Limpnoodle 2 hours ago 0 1

Looking for for a mom or dad in south Daytona fl  to baby  me all the way 
rickdl 2 days ago 0 21

Are there any naughty diaper girls that live in my area that needs a spanking?
spankurfanny 4 days ago 1 37

Due to the subject matter of this journal, it is only for those over the age of 18.   So I recently checked my wait list on "Lock Drako Up" which is a service on Drako's Den and noticed that I have had no new sign ups and the list was dwindling down to les
jmac32here 05.05.2020 0 121

Do u need ur special mommy time? Mommy to hold u, rock u, snuggle u and take care of all ur little needs? Mommy to change ur soggy or messy diapers? Or do u need mommy to help u make cummies? Mommy is available for any and all ur needs and desires 24/7 at
candymadison14 05.05.2020 0 185

For this Month's Winner, we have a tie.   The two winning submissions are:   Parteh at the Clurb .feat Huggles by Yildunstar - by ReggieSunderland -   This is gonna hurt you more than it
jmac32here 05.04.2020 0 104

I am looking for someone to hangout with and get diapered up with. It would be nice to have a mommy but it doesn't have to be. 
Capsfan95 04.30.2020 0 71

Hi! If you live in Florida hmu! I would love some friends to hang out with I am in Palm Coast!!!
PrincessAly0109 04.26.2020 3 81

Older brother type caregiver here looking for baby brothers to take care of:)
xman23 04.14.2020 0 123

Hey there and good morning to you.   I can not imagine I have a fallowing with any of my stories. (Especially since I have not posted anything in forever) still on the off chance I do have someone out there paying attention I have not died or given up.   I
LittleRedDrake 04.10.2020 2 137
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