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So I realize everyone can have a typo, and that I am not free from having several of my own. Mainly, for some reason it's primarily the word JUST. I for some reason usually sway the US around in it when typing fast. Oh well. But, sometimes I just can't hel
liljester 4 days ago 0 36

Hey any DFW littles or mommies and daddies out there looking to meet other like minded people please introduce yourslef lets get a munch planned game night or pool party if i get the house i put a offer on today i can host a pool party for all littles and
babyboy3584 6 days ago 1 51

I would love to find a nice caring mommy to take care of me. I am new to this whole thing but want to try. My mommy can wear diapers too but does not have to.
dashxlittle 11 days ago 0 86

I was just diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This effects my nerves, half my body had been numb for 2 weeks, though slowly starting to come back. One of the things sometimes effected is Bladder control. There have been a few times over the last few w
groovie111 12 days ago 7 115

Hiiiii, you can contact meeee at 6783386831 and text me Wowwowwubzy so Ik it's a diaper lova textin me plzz cuz I'll be like, super confused so thankiesss!
Chacey 13 days ago 0 83

Drako's Art Contest - April 2019   The latest winner is: Dungeon - by Amber_Wind -   Now for this month:   Nomination Theme: Footjobs   Voting Theme: Male t
jmac32here 04.07.2019 0 53

This is not quite a short story yet but who knows it may be adapted.    Many on this site focus on how being wet or messy makes them feal good. Don't mistake me am not trying to be down on them  you do you.  The thing is being changed is just the tip of th
LittleRedDrake 03.29.2019 4 106

Hey everyone. I'm really lonely and sad :c I'm searching for a mommy or a daddy please text me if you want a little~
Doglove1256 03.24.2019 2 106

Hi my name is Ryan I live in surprise Waldorf, Maryland. Friday after Friday. I have the whole week off and I'm looking for someone to have fun with. Interested. Diaper and BDSM and I am a bisexual. now don't mind if you bring other people as we can meet s
RyanBates1994 03.21.2019 0 91

I llove love diaper 
RyanBates1994 03.21.2019 0 61
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