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The past 4 years...So, many of you have seen me become rather vocal, especially on our Twitter (DrakoWSTeam) regarding certian world leaders.Before any of you decide to comment on this, please understand that I am posting my own opionions and observations
jmac32here 3 days ago 0 22

I developed my fetish when i was a 4 year old in hospital.  I wet the bed and the nurses said, "If you behave like a baby then we'll treat you as one." I was put into nappys/diapers for a week. Bed baths......powdering.....and a clean nappy been slid on ha
BabyDummySurrey 4 days ago 0 71

back in 1986 when I was 6 years old my peareants dropped me off at my friends house for a couple of nights for a sleepover because my freinds where having a birthday party, Janeene who was my friend's mom/Stepmom had a rule that anyone visiting the house a
chinababy888 9 days ago 1 193

While working today I had a thought pop in my head. I wonder how a cop would handle it if they arrested you wearing a messy diaper? Obviously the cop wouldn't change you. Would you tell the cop you need them or that you did it on purpose?
Messydiapercuck85 11 days ago 1 53

Hello everyone! I go by wolfgang and I'm a slim white male. I've been into diapers for the better part of a decade but have never had the opportunity to be the little. I've been a daddy once before but that's the total of my shared experience in this commu
Bur_the_pup 01.04.2021 0 87

Hi  Mommy Me dream of being just like your baby you have dreamed for and does mommy want a young baby or a older baby to care for as I have favorite baby foods and snacks I like eating Heinz baby foods and Cow and Gate First Milk Formula that I like drinki
Aorphanbaby 01.03.2021 0 172

I'm a 28 year old daddy from WV that is looking for his diapered princess. I don't have a lot of firsthand experience with diapers but I am quite knowledgeable. I'd love to chat with someone and get to know them. 
Brad19319 01.03.2021 1 81

Stop SISEA   President Donald Trump wants to remove your FIRST AMENDMENT rights to free speech and expression Under the SISEA bill, which is an anti-porn bill disguised as a bill to stop internet sexual exploitation/child trafficking. https://cdn.arstechni
jmac32here 12.30.2020 2 114

Hello, I’m an 18 year old block who’s seeking a relationship. I would like a girl who’s into the ABDL scene, specifically as a little. I would like to play the daddy role, however Im not opposed to mix things up and trade places. I’m located in Australia,
DaddyForGirls69 12.23.2020 0 85

Looking for a mommy/daddy in Daytona beach fl or a fellow abdl , doesn’t matter if u are straight, gay , bi, or trans , just would like to have someone to play with 
Swampbait_ 12.23.2020 0 96
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