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I AM GOING TO TELL THE TRUTH AND THE WHOLE TRUTH. There are mommies on here that would make friends with you and then never chat with you, Question why not. Plus there are some mommies on here that would chat with you and when you start chatting she shall
Aorphanbaby 04.02.2021 3 174

Hello to everyone in Arizona, I am trying to start up a monthly meeting on a Friday or Saturday evening. I am inviting you all there. Let me know where you want to meet and what time and day. Let's get out and start having fun again.
Justwantadiaper 03.29.2021 0 69

Drako's Art Contest - March 2021The latest winner is:Super Hang On - Nommz - for this month:Nomination Theme:DiaperVoting Theme:HorseNomination and Voting Deadline
jmac32here 03.08.2021 0 148

Looking for friends in the Charlotte North Carolina area. 
Unicouche 02.27.2021 3 170

Idk if anyone uses this site anymore, but I’m lookin to be little with someone else in Chattanooga, preferably at their house, anyone up for it? And maybe we can be fwb?
Gingerbab 02.23.2021 0 174

Add my snap tiana2615 if your a mommy or a daddy I’m not a cg so please don’t ask me to be one I’ll tell u more about my little self on thier have a great day and stay padded my number is +15077669475 to if u want that but I prefer snap 
Stuffielover 02.14.2021 1 237

Kinda new here, hadn't been active for probably 4 years, idk. Anyways, I am kinda sorta here again and now a paid member on ABDLmatch as RainbowDash1992. I  am in McGregor, Tx which is 30 minutes west of Waco and 30 minutes north of Temple. I am trying to
Hedgehogsonic16 02.13.2021 3 150

Drako's Art Contest - February 2021The latest winner is:Monsterchu Transformation - Sal - for this month:Nomination Theme:HorseVoting Theme:Vore
jmac32here 02.09.2021 0 146

I just moved to the area and am hoping to meet some friends to chat and hopefully ( if this stupid pandemic ever goes away) have some get together’s.  A local munch could be nice as well.  Just to get to know some local people.   lindsey 
SissyLindsey 02.02.2021 0 163

Have you ever wondered why you are a abdl and the reason why?   Hi there:   Have you ever asked this question to yourself many times, i know i have/ Iv asked myself this same question over and over again when i was growing up. am i a freak,weirdo,strange,
angelbaby107 01.30.2021 8 298
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