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Aw, my little baby, don’t cry! I cannot bear when you cry, sweetie.Shush shush. Come here and show Mommy what is wrong. Yes, sweetie, come here Oh. I see what is wrong. Or rather, I can smell it, honey. You are allstinky. Oh, yes, you are. Don’t you sass m
PhonesexMamas 4 days ago 0 38

I’ve always had a nurturing nature, a constant need for touch and sensation that I’ve found my babies can give me like no one else. They make me feel special, coming to me with their special needs, letting me bring them back to a time when life was simpler
PhonesexMamas 12 days ago 1 99

Well fokes, yet another decade is over and I've been wearing diapers for a legitimate Medical reason for most of not all of that time, but let's go back to how it all started. The Decision: Well it all started back in 2010 when I started having embarrasing
chinababy888 01.08.2020 0 184

…Nine, Ten. I say as I remove my hands from my eyes. Times up, where is mommies little pumpkin seed? I pause and hear giggling from the other room. I’m going to find you my little love muffin, and when I do mommy is going to eat you all up! I slowly make m
PhonesexMamas 01.08.2020 0 75

I get asked this frequently so I figured i'd write about it. "How did you get in to ABDL?" I realize it's super hard to explain because we all come by it so differently. For me, it's tied in to a whole lot of emotional pain and trauma. When I was born, I w
CherryBaby 01.04.2020 1 144

Drako's Art Contest - January 2020   Happy New Year Everyone.   The Latest winner is: Halloween Fun with Big brother~ - by Nakota Valentine -   Now for this Mont
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Oh Darling, did you have a bad day? Oh no, don’t cry! Come here, sweetpea,tell Mommy all about it.Oh, yes, I know what you need. You need a full tummy. There, there, let mehold you safe and close in my arms as I unfasten my nursing bra and removemy lactati
PhonesexMamas 12.30.2019 0 156

What a beautiful day it is outside today, Darling! Mommy is going to take you down to the park by the waterfront. We can hear the soft swish of the waves against the beach and feel the gentle sunshine on our faces as we sit close together and cuddle. Just
PhonesexMamas 12.10.2019 1 185

Drako's Art Contest - December 2019   The latest winner is: YCH commission - by Sevenamrs -   Now for this Month:   Nomination Theme: Gadget   Voting Theme: Rape   Nomination
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Hi, just to get things started my name is pansy (real, legal 1st name) Gronski, and I am very fortunate that I am able to live permanently 24/7 as a little girl. I have absolutely no intentions of every looking or acting as a 'grown-up' ever again, and ful
little_girl_pansy 11.27.2019 0 336
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For the next few weeks, I'm being punished! Follow along as I endure 24 hour diapering, multiple daily maintenance spankings, instant spankings for any rule infraction, enema training, and more!
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I am a ABDL Mommy and I love to talk and play with my babies. I do take calls but I love to talk with my babies even if they don't call. I write weekly blogs and I would love to share them here.
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My experience with developing incontinence and living with it.
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