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Looking for others ab/dl near Nashville TN for a play date or a mommy for a 
Bigboy2036 2 days ago 0 11

On the weekend the Nanny would take care of all your needs, and these would be discussed before you visit so we can give you the care you want. Each Nursery will have a cot and Highchair with a changing table and a large sofa with soft toys and a Large TV
EliteABnursery 01.12.2022 4 169

    “What the hell is this” my mom asked holding up a pair of damp shorts that she had found under my bed.  I said “I don’t know” with a panicked look on my face.  Then she yelled t me to go to my room.  She followed me saying that they smelled like pe
pindiapers 01.07.2022 1 162

Way back in 1969 or 1970 in the days of cloth diapers and plastic pants.  I was 7 or 8 years old. My mother took me to the Pediatrician for a physical. I had been a bedwetter my whole live and still wet the bed all most every night, I also wet my pants oft
drdiaper1 12.29.2021 0 197

 Adult Baby (AB) This is the first title of the Kink/Fetish within our Community, and it simply stands for the exact thing it describes which is where Adults over the age of Eighteen Years (18+), behave, regress or take on a role of an Infant. It has many
Lil_Angel_Stewie 12.18.2021 0 126

I come to visit you, you notice the front off my Jean's are wet, more than if I just hadn't  shaken it off before I put it back in my pants if you know what I mean...     You ask me what happened  and being 60 years old I deflect your question and dismiss
Clyst123 12.13.2021 0 122

Drako' Art Contest - December 2021   The latest winner is: [SK COMM] 2020-01-27 qckslvrslash - by mosa -     Now for this month:   Nomination Theme: Fo
jmac32here 12.12.2021 0 89

must have nursary and baby will wove and care for mommy but i have no money to spend at this time i live alone in orange county at 315 west Lincoln avenue orange county and baby can only see mommy once a day for a week but going to visit my family for the
johnnyfrench 12.09.2021 1 87

 Baby/Toddler/Child/Age Regression These are used to describe a Child’s Mental State that is either reverted or often reverts to a younger age than what they actually are. There are multiple reasons why a Child may face these challenges. Some are capable o
Lil_Angel_Stewie 12.07.2021 0 78

Hello, Im Tyler Im 29, Male, Straight.  Im seeking a relationship in Tucson arizona.  If you are a diaper girl seeking a diaper partner. A mommy looking for a relationship. A switch mommy/little/diaper girl looking for love.  I hope I can make you happy. I
WetFishy 12.02.2021 0 116
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