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 Awwww! My adorable, little baby boy! You are so sweet! I had the most amazing weekend and it was all because of you. First, you drew me a beautiful picture and I put it on the refrigerator door for everyone to see. Then, you stayed in your crib and let mo
PhonesexMamas 4 days ago 0 45

I created a group for Diaper Lovers who reside in Yellowstone Country, Montana (Look at the map on my Fetlife profile for reference). The purpose of the group is to allow those who live in this section of Montana to find friends locally with the potential
TheMontanan 10 days ago 0 45

I'm looking for a lifetime relationship with a girl around my age (18-22) who lives in or around Bozeman, Montana, who would like to play video games, go to the movies, binge-watch anime, and work out with, and a multitude of other things. The one major th
TheMontanan 11 days ago 0 67

I am hoping to find a little aged 1 to 12.I am willing to change your diapers anytime of day or night I'm willing to bottle or spoon feed you. I will sit there and play games with you and watch you color and draw. I will buy you toys and make sure your fav
Domdaddy00 11 days ago 0 50

I'm hopimg to find my soul mate here please msg me so we can get to know each other
Alliedson 13 days ago 0 33

  I have done an overhaul in my mommy’s room. I wanted to make sure I had anything and everything I might need for some fun with my ABDL playmates. I have a new crib just perfect for putting a sweet thing down for a nap. A nice big and wide changing table
JuicyJackie 13 days ago 0 46

Started a youtube during the pandemic to entertain myself!  Some are educational and some are personal videos, so check them out if you have a chance!
mommymissy 06.26.2020 0 90

Calling all babies... mommy Candy is available for all ur needs and desires roleplay, diaper changes, naughty fun mmmm mommy does it all!! No taboo...everything and anything goes hehe  (888)430-2010 if u wanna play with mommy ;)
candymadison14 06.16.2020 0 108

Hello all! I am looking to experience a 24/7 dynamic and really find myself as a little. I have always been into wearing and regressing but have only been able to have the chance to be a big. I'm looking for someone who can mentor me and guide me in discov
Bur_the_pup 06.11.2020 0 113

Normally I don't speak out about much of anything, but these are extraordinary circumstances.   First and foremost, I stand behind those acting in good faith to change the system. Way too many black lives have been lost at the hands of police. It is way pa
jmac32here 06.06.2020 2 174
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