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This morning I gave myself two suppositories before heading out shopping. I managed to get to the mall and half way through the first store before I had to mess my diapers. I'm still a bit scared about messing in public so I ducked away a bit but I made su
sydneykayleigh 5 days ago 0 33

This morning I went out and did a bit of shopping. I made sure to wear five diapers, and my shortest skirt. I want to get used to people seeing and knowing and me now being embarrassed. I definitely got quite a few stares. I went to Toys R Us and bought so
sydneykayleigh 6 days ago 0 42

My frist girlfriend after my divorce was Des it wasn't long before she became My Master/Mommy. We first mat at the Moto we were staying at. We become best friends and two months down the road she offered that we move in to the 1 bedroom apartment below her
TimothyDingo 13 days ago 0 54

It's never been easy to find someone accepting of who/what I am that wants to real relationship. Sure, I could find someone more than likely who wants to "fuck the freak" or have a meaningless fling to fulfill their fetish desires but as far as finding som
liljester 12.30.2016 1 38

Looking for friends in LI New York
DaddyMikey_45 12.28.2016 0 28

The day after Thanksgiving my baby called me while he was driving, and told me that he was up for a little playtime.  I found out that he was wearing his diaper, and a wet, messy diaper at that!  He needed to get some gas, so I told him to pull over to the
BbMommy 12.27.2016 6 148

This time of year sure can be stressful when you are all grown up. I want you to relax and let Mommy Elaine  bring you back to that place when you didn’t have a care in the world. Remember those Christmas mornings that were so happy and fun? Let Mommy Elai
MotherElaine 12.19.2016 0 61

Im new to this site and looking to make friends and playmates. I've been into diapers since I was 12. I wear whenever I get the chance too since my life is very busy. 
BabyT47 12.18.2016 0 46

Hi Everybody, Glad to be on I've been away from ABDL sites ever since the last one I was with shut down. Just want to tell everyone what to expect. First I'll talk about my blogs. I will have random blog topics every now and then, but I'll
Baby_Man 12.18.2016 0 52

I was awoken. By a urge  to go. this morning I was in a soaked diaper and need to change I knew this was a huge one Not It going for days I quickly change got on a pull up out I went I live in a resort in the north and in the winter it's pretty deserted 4
Ben1096 12.04.2016 4 128
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