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Hi All, My name is Bobbie and i'm a 49 year old diaper wearing male. I'd love to meet other diapered folks in my area...especially females. Mommy and Domme-Mommies too! Thanks and Peace Bobbie
wetbobbie 22 hours ago 0 4

can't wait to see what all my abdl family is up to!
DommeMommyAva 6 days ago 0 9

nothing gets me happier than changing adult diapers!
DommeMommyAva 9 days ago 0 13

what abdl adult diaper are you wearing today?
abdlmommycrissy 10 days ago 5 26

i'm mommy ava and i love being a domme mommy!
DommeMommyAva 10 days ago 1 21

Hi, I am a diaper lover looking for others in Orlando Florida. 
jh5062 14 days ago 0 15

                                                                    My First Baby Song   Oh, I wanna be a baby every day, every day. Yes, I wanna be a baby every day, every day. How I wish I had a daddy who would make me be a baby Cuz I wanna be a baby eve
nopotty1967 05.08.2018 0 29

Drako's Art Contest - May 2018The latest winner is:Time stops and it's simply you and me~ - AeylinFaith - Theme:ReproducingVoting Theme:HyenasNomination and Voting Deadline: June 1
jmac32here 05.03.2018 0 26

So, this isn't just a flat out chat only site. See, we have things here like blogs where you can vent, or give others insight into your life, just ramble about random things and whatever floats your boat or sinks someones battleship. Then we have oh I don'
liljester 04.28.2018 2 46

okay first off, no I'm not trying to get people to tune in or subscribe. Why? Because, it's nothing. No, seriously, I've had a channel for years and just really never bothered to put anything on it. I'm debating if I should..... Don't want to put myself pa
liljester 04.17.2018 0 39
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just ramblings of the padded room inhabitant as well as padded bottomed
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For the next few weeks, I'm being punished! Follow along as I endure 24 hour diapering, multiple daily maintenance spankings, instant spankings for any rule infraction, enema training, and more!
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I am a ABDL Mommy and I love to talk and play with my babies. I do take calls but I love to talk with my babies even if they don't call. I write weekly blogs and I would love to share them here.
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My experience with developing incontinence and living with it.
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This is a true story about a day when I was 11-12 years old having to wear diapers to go tobogganing when it was a snow day.