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Okay so a friend of mine is taking online college classes and we are both just confused and frustrated over one of her courses. It's supposed to be a course over careers. One lesson went over self esteem. What, the fuck....Why is there a lesson on self est
liljester Yesterday 0 20

This is a story about 2 friends that get into all kinds of trouble!  Our diapered friends begin the day in a thrift shop............. Philip and Tori walk into their local thrift shop to browse around for odds and ends, but mostly a good diaper score! Phil
DltlYawnoc 5 days ago 0 39

Today Mommy is extra lonesome. She feels so alone and just wants a tiny little one to cuddle up to and snuggle. I wish today would be the day you took advantage of Mommy in her lonely state. Mommy really wants a baby to talk to. Are you my baby?
MommyMichelleLovesYou 12 days ago 1 103

Drako's Art Contest - September 2019   The latest winner is: Showin' Off (Hyper Scat) - by wickedstar -   Now for This Month:   Nomination Theme: Skunk Spray   Voting The
jmac32here 13 days ago 0 51

Little strict slave baby here needing a mummy or master. Prefer female but okay with male. Wearing nappysall the time and love being forced to use them for what they are for. Alao like food going in nappy if i dont eat it as a punishment or nappy being use
Babytiana 08.28.2019 1 115

Any uk daddies willin to b my daddy 
Babygirl400 08.23.2019 3 117

So here's an interesting web of ideas. Do you prefer baby or adult diapers? Why and why not. Also if they made an adult exact replica of baby diapers would you wear it? Again why or why not.
Diaperkitsune26 08.21.2019 7 129

im looking for a girl who wears diapers and is interested in talking. No MEN only women thank you.
scrappydoo21 08.18.2019 0 82

I’m looking for a mommy to take care of me. I’m new to this site but I’ve found there are many people alike to me. I wear diapers 24/7 pull-ups out in public and baby kinds at home:) I would love to be with a mommy I guess that makes me an adult baby. Anyt
Wetdiaper94 08.13.2019 0 99

So if your like me and can’t afford those super awesome abdl diapers, here’s a way to have the same experience minus cost and cute. Cvs Walgreens Walmart ect all sell a 4 tape cloth back adult diaper.  Cvs being my go to as you can the the second thing you
DltlYawnoc 08.08.2019 5 173
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