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Hello all, I go by Bur and I am a 25yo, 5'7" 120lb male living in northern Alabama. I have been into abdl as long as I can remember and have always wanted to have a mommy. My wife has given me permission to pursue this so here I am. She does the sexual asp
Bur_the_pup 2 days ago 0 8

looking for someone to put me in diapers near Omaha ne 
Alliedson14 3 days ago 0 16

“No.” He protests for the sixth time. “I don’t need diapers!” My sultry giggle tickles his ears and I watch him visibly shiver. He keeps saying no, but I know he means yes. He needs his diapers as much as he needs me. “Come on, Silly baby.” I tease him wh
SweetLovinKayla 11 days ago 1 107

Im a little had a couple of daddies what u think is best for nappy checks and best way u feel confortable  for carrrers to do 
Babygirl400 12 days ago 2 63

Everyone knows I’m a pain slut but only a few people know I also enjoy giving it. My useless little diaper dick, however, knows this secret the best. I’m always gripping his diapered balls like a vice while whispering sweet nothings into his ear. His whimp
SweetLovinKayla 13 days ago 0 60

    Being your dirty secret has been fun but now it’s time to introduce me to your friends. I’ve sent them a group message through your phone, just three to four of your closest guy friends. I told them to meet you for drinks at your local spot. Knowing
SweetLovinKayla 13 days ago 0 31

I am getting really bored of being alone during this whole quarantined state lockdown thing. For some weird reason my desire to wear diapers has boosted during this time. If we all die tomorrow then I want to be able to have fun with a plucky diapered girl
Brad_Robinson 03.19.2020 5 69

Mmmm if u need a mommy to take care of all ur needs...naughty, special, sissy, baby, any and all... Give mommy a call at 888-430-2010 and let mommy take care of u  Mommy loves playtime 
candymadison14 03.15.2020 0 79

So obviously everyone on here has a weeee bit of a fetish. The site as it is, either you're into watersports, ageplay, diapers, ddlg, etc etc etc....  I just want to take a moment to remind people that, no matter what your fetish is, or what ever your bund
liljester 03.10.2020 0 146

FInally did it. Built a new gaming PC and gotta say, it's nice to have something that from the time I hit the power button to the  time desktop is loaded it takes a whopping 12 seconds lol. Now..... to find some pc games to play other than distrust.....
liljester 03.09.2020 4 80
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