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I will be traveling to and from Oregon on October 1st and returning to Arizona October 11. I will be going through Las Vegas up to Reno then to Kalamath Falls. I will like to stop along the way and play with someone around the city's I am going through. Pl
Justwantadiaper 5 days ago 0 19

I am a baby boy that has never had a real mother of my own and looking to find myself a real true mommy that would have me and treat me as her true six month old baby boy. What I want is to have a true mother and baby relationship and NO sexual relationshi
Aorphanbaby 7 days ago 0 36

Drako's Art Contest - September 2020The latest winner is:raj 3 - smooshkin - for this month:Nomination Theme:EasterVoting Theme:BatsNomination and Voting Deadline: Oct
jmac32here 10 days ago 0 39

stop stealing my mountain dew you witless dishcloth
SGStarscream 09.02.2020 0 60

hello friends any one in colorado that want to hang out have some diapers fun new to this excited and anxious to learn I'm hoping to find a lover I'm outgoing and adventurous and wanting a diaper lover to play with so please message me if your in colorado
Rearzluver41 09.01.2020 0 55

I'm single in colorado looking for any BBWS that would like to go out? 720 988 4254 hit me up you only live once and I don't bite I'm a very nice guy.
Rearzluver41 08.25.2020 0 67

I shall be on the move again to travel where I think I could find someone that would have me as their baby boy they have dreamed of. If there is someone out their that would like to own me as their Property and have all the Power, Rights and Control over a
Aorphanbaby 08.13.2020 1 155

Ich bin Volker Gade....., geb. 04.05.1961, in Hamburg lebend, intelligent, gepflegt, vorzeigbar, mit normalem Körper...... …..totalrasiert, bisexuell, öffentlichkeitsgeil, verschmutzungssüchtig, fetischhörig, versaut, nuttig, ultrapervers......  
Plastikschlampe 08.12.2020 0 80

looking for a daddy in orange county with nursery and Single  
Abdljohnnyoc1985A 08.10.2020 0 98

Perfect Diaper room scent - Let's help the wife with Scentsy orders everyone 3 days to get 70 points or she gets bounced from Scentsy again. She really likes this company and I love my my wife who puts up with my MS and new knee, we have been one family i
Dartplayerinwvc 08.09.2020 1 113
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