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These are the things that mommy does and thinks about when I am ab free and all alone ;)   Feeling Sexy I love the feeling of feeling sexy. I make sure everyday to do something that makes me feel sexy. It could be putting on “mood music”, wearing somethin
mommynamedsusan 7 hours ago 0 5

Okay, I get that everyone has some sort of political view. That's fine, and not all political views match my own, again that's jsut the way things are and I'm fine with that. Hell if everyone thought the exact same way on everything, where would the fun be
liljester 6 days ago 0 8

Okay, so I may not be HIGHLY active on here anymore, but obviously I am still around. I mean here I am posting so yeah. Any way, every now and then I'll look through profiles, maybe drop a line saying hello to someone. If they respond, cool. If they ignore
liljester 7 days ago 0 13

i love being an ABDL mommy to all my ABDLS
abdlmommycrissy 11 days ago 1 42

  im 33 years old I've always loved diapers since I was 8 because when  i was at my aunt roses my cousin chas was three and in diapers a few times i was over there i put my cousins diaper  and i loved it but i didnt use them i live in Louisville Kentucky a
dphusser 11 days ago 0 21

tell me what your favorite brand is and why!
DommeMommyAva 11 days ago 1 21

how long do you wear your diapers before being changed?
DommeMommyAva 03.04.2018 2 68

which do you prefer doing in your diaper a number one or a number two?
abdlmommycrissy 03.04.2018 6 71

i love being a sweet abdl mommy, which kind of mommy do you prefer?
abdlmommycrissy 02.26.2018 1 64

when did you discover you were an ABDL and why?
DommeMommyAva 02.26.2018 0 54
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For the next few weeks, I'm being punished! Follow along as I endure 24 hour diapering, multiple daily maintenance spankings, instant spankings for any rule infraction, enema training, and more!
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I am a ABDL Mommy and I love to talk and play with my babies. I do take calls but I love to talk with my babies even if they don't call. I write weekly blogs and I would love to share them here.
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My experience with developing incontinence and living with it.
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