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Would any mommies want to keep baby as their true baby and do all same things to baby and also take baby out in public dressed as a baby and left other mommies come over and baby your baby. Plus would mommy show off her baby to her friends and family and l
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Sorry about that-please read previous blog for part 1 I'm totally submissed at this point. I'm his........ I love oral so I undo his pants and show off my lack of gag reflex. Still on top of me he plays with my cleanly shaven pink pussy. Only one finger da
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Today I have decided to post my thoughts ?on my daily life as an incontinent , diaper loving guy , (or possibly a sissy). I have been incontinent since birth , due to a miss-formed bladder. ?I have grown up using diapers all of my life , and have taken thi
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I'm dressed in my best "Sissy ?Baby Outfit " , with 3 thick diapers , and latex locking panties, and I off to the big city for the weekend. It's a long drive , about 7 hours so I have my diaper bag with me filled with 8 bottles of juice, some cookies , and
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Well welcome, if you are one of my close friends you have known for a few?days this blog would be coming. I want to warn you that this is for adults/ABS/DLs and also,if you feel the inocence of the AB/DL community?has lost itself in my writing I warn you t
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The day after Thanksgiving my baby called me while he was driving, and told me that he was up for a little playtime.  I found out that he was wearing his diaper, and a wet, messy diaper at that!  He needed to get some gas, so I told him to pull over to the
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So I decided to put an order in for a few of the newer kinds of diapers available these days, namely ones with baby prints on them that simply weren't available a few Years ago. After an exciting 4 day wait, they finally arrived. You can see what the top c
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Having a quick browse through the profiles here, it seems that there are vastly more men portraying themselves as women, than there are 100% born women looking for a genuine Daddy Dom. Are there actually any Daddy Doms in the UK out there? Come out come ou
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Hi! I never feel so happy as when l let it all go....l sink into my baby bed and go through my routine of regressing, sloughing off all of life, returning to the happiest, simplest state of mind humans can get to...contented infancy!! Blanketing myself wit
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Today I woke up to the sun shining through my bedroom window. Although I could see , and feel that I was soaking wet , with a sagging diaper , I had to go out onto my deck the view the sunrise. After a few minutes , I went back into the house to put on my
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