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what was it like the first time you put on a diaper?
DommeMommyAva 02.23.2018 5 310

Do you #abdls like to stay in a messy #diaper over night? Why or why not?
abdlmommycrissy 02.13.2018 5 349

How many of you babies have been placed in a chastity device for being naughty? How many of you would want to be?
BbMommy 06.15.2017 5 866

So I decided to put an order in for a few of the newer kinds of diapers available these days, namely ones with baby prints on them that simply weren't available a few Years ago. After an exciting 4 day wait, they finally arrived. You can see what the top c
ASecretBaby 07.10.2016 5 6115

Hi! I never feel so happy as when l let it all go....l sink into my baby bed and go through my routine of regressing, sloughing off all of life, returning to the happiest, simplest state of mind humans can get to...contented infancy!! Blanketing myself wit
babydannygoogoo 06.27.2016 5 550

Hello there. My name is Lauren. It just so happens that I provide services and I cater to exactly what most of you are looking for. It is a service, therefore there is a fee but maybe you should wait to hear a little bit about my services before you questi
mywetdiaper 06.12.2016 5 9532

Today I woke up to the sun shining through my bedroom window. Although I could see , and feel that I was soaking wet , with a sagging diaper , I had to go out onto my deck the view the sunrise. After a few minutes , I went back into the house to put on my
05.11.2016 5 856

Have you been a naughty boy? ?Oh dear well that just will not do! ?Were you in the panty drawer again, or perhaps stroking that cock of yours without permission? ?Well, either way you surely need a good punishment. ?Now bend over yes right over my knees. ?
abdlmommycrissy 04.13.2016 5 1249

There is just something so innocent yet so kinky about diaper fetish. To talk about your diapers, whether cloth or disposable and have you getting very excited in them, makes me so hotMy favorite play is sissy play I love to dress you up like a baby prince
abdlmommycrissy 04.08.2016 5 1313

I wanted to share a brief blog post that I wrote on my tumblr blog: padandplay ? Some of us take pride in the ABDL community and being part of that, while there are others that are embarassed/ashamed by the fact that they enjoy being an ABDL.?To me, bein
padandplay 03.10.2016 5 1717