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DommeMommyAva 05.16.2017 1 183

Do you like to be swaddled in a blanket? Do you need your Mommy to nurse you with her big fat nipples, her large fat bottles of milk?  I like to show off my baby to all my friends and show them how good little baby is... Change your diaper in public. May
DommeMommyAva 10.31.2016 1 457

Are you a adult baby who still makes poopy in your diaper?  Don’t you think its time to learn to use the potty?  Your not going to be a baby forever you know, baby has to be potty trained sooner or later and it’s become way later for you.  Don’t you worry
DommeMommyAva 08.07.2016 2 845

Anyone out there looking for an on line Domme Mommy?
DommeMommyAva 05.19.2016 5 791

I am a Real full time ABDL Phone a Mommy. Don?t be fooled by ladies claiming to be familiar with our very unique world. I know how hard it is to explain yourself to someone who just doesn?t get it.? Come and play with a Mommy who knows what Aby needs
DommeMommyAva 04.20.2016 2 338

Are you ready to be emasculated, striped of everything down to your bowels?? You are ready to give it all away to the right woman who will strip you of everything and keep you groveling for my attention??
DommeMommyAva 04.12.2016 2 364

I just love these cute rumba panties.? What do you think? Would you let me put you in these adorable panties?
DommeMommyAva 04.11.2016 4 497

Different Mommies have their own methods of potty training, ranging from making it a game and dunking cheerios, to lots of positive encouragement and patience. These are all great ways but the fastest way to potty train my adult baby is with diaper punishm
DommeMommyAva 04.03.2016 2 1116

This Mommy loves playing with adult baby and sissy baby.? I enjoy humiliating and emasculating sissy cuckolds and babies.? If you need some strict discipline from a domme mommy call me for your punishment!
DommeMommyAva 03.30.2016 0 865

So I'm curious as to how many of you will dress like a baby this Halloween?
DommeMommyAva 09.30.2015 4 474