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It was a nice warm after noon as i walked up my driveway kind of keeping my head down  because I knew what was about to come. I remember checking the cars in the driveway to see who is home  and everyone but one person was home . so I just had to be extra
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My hearts pounding my equilibrium jolts at how nervous i was. Sitting two feet from one of my best friends. I purposely worr a thick diaper in hopes she'd see it an say sumthing but she didnt and i had said i wanted to talk to her. When i kept stalling she
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This story takes place a while back when i had this serious gf. It was valentines day and we were at a chevys Mexican food restaurant and i was knockin back drinks nit evem knowing what she had set up an planned for me. So it was around 9:30pm she whispers
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After i explained its much more than a kink, an that ive always felt unloved or not good enough. Being i had a chaotic father and a young mom. Im not to sure the combination but i wet the bed and wore pull up goodnights till 9 years old. My friend had empa
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okay so today I told my good friend about me being an Adult baby. We happened to be on fetishes as the subject and my heart started pounding cause out of no where I began to tell her I wanted to tell her but was nervous and embarrassed. I explained that th
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Wanting to be in diapers
Beginning to be more open about me being an abdl.
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