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what are all you #abdls up to this monday? #mommycrissy is getting ready to change lots of adult diapers!
abdlmommycrissy 23 hours ago 0 7

i love being an #abdl mommy and changing lots of #messydiapers. did you mess your diaper today?
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Are you a adult baby who still makes poopy in your diaper?  Don’t you think its time to learn to use the potty?  You’re not going to be a baby forever you know, baby has to be potty trained sooner or later and it’s become way later for you.  Don’t you worr
abdlmommycrissy 10.18.2016 3 471

Looking for a dominant abdl mommy?? Look no further! This Mommy loves diaper humiliation, forced diapering and diaper punishment.
abdlmommycrissy 05.19.2016 1 801

Have you been a naughty boy? ?Oh dear well that just will not do! ?Were you in the panty drawer again, or perhaps stroking that cock of yours without permission? ?Well, either way you surely need a good punishment. ?Now bend over yes right over my knees. ?
abdlmommycrissy 04.13.2016 4 813

There is just something so innocent yet so kinky about diaper fetish. To talk about your diapers, whether cloth or disposable and have you getting very excited in them, makes me so hotMy favorite play is sissy play I love to dress you up like a baby prince
abdlmommycrissy 04.08.2016 5 769

Do you like to be swaddled in a blanket? Do you need your Mommy to nurse you with her big fat nipples, her large fat bottles of milk? I like to show off my baby to all my friends and show them how good little baby is... Change your diaper in public. Maybe
abdlmommycrissy 04.07.2016 2 1861
This Mommy loves using diaper punishment :)
ABDL Mommy Crissy
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