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Due to the subject matter of this journal, it is only for those over the age of 18.   So I recently checked my wait list on "Lock Drako Up" which is a service on Drako's Den and noticed that I have had no new sign ups and the list was dwindling down to les
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For this Month's Winner, we have a tie.   The two winning submissions are:   Parteh at the Clurb .feat Huggles by Yildunstar - by ReggieSunderland -   This is gonna hurt you more than it
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Just because we are open doesn't mean we are here for you to spend your time BROWSING around.       We are designated as an ESSENTIAL SERVICE   We are not here for you because you have nothing else to do   We are not here for you because you feel like gett
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Drako's Art Contest - April 2020       We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe in these strange times.   Keep up with social distancing and lets help us all beat this pandemic.   More info can be found on the CDC website: or ht
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So its a new year and I felt the need to actually write this one out.   -Coverage- This years winners on coverage are T-Mobile and Verizon, but only because they actually posted exactly how many people are covered by their network. (AT&T also covers 99
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Drako's Art Contest - February 2020   The latest winner is: -Gadget- - by Spirale -   Now for this Month:   Nomination Theme: Animation   Voting Theme: Kissing   Nominatio
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Drako's Art Contest - January 2020   Happy New Year Everyone.   The Latest winner is: Halloween Fun with Big brother~ - by Nakota Valentine -   Now for this Mont
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Drako's Art Contest - December 2019   The latest winner is: YCH commission - by Sevenamrs -   Now for this Month:   Nomination Theme: Gadget   Voting Theme: Rape   Nomination
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Before Jumping into what I'm about to say, I encourage you all watch this video:   You may also look at this article:   The article actually shows a spot where Automation do
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Drako's Art Contest - November 2019   The latest winner is: Fart Blast - by SpritzTheSkusky -   Now for this month:   Nomination Theme: Rape   Voting Theme: Castra
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