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What have we become???Before we begin, I want you all to watch this:, now you're back...This is in response to recent events sorrounding the furry fandom, and the cons we call our own:
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To set things right...Yes, I made it back home to Seattle.And yes, I decided I wanted to try to get my second chance here...I figured it was a much better environment for me, and for those I have cared about, especially Mixy.So it breaks my heart to hear h
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Starting over...Well, many of you have been wondering what has become of me since I started my road trip.I have made it back home to Seattle, and have already started a decent job. (Yay for $15/hour minimum wage)I did finally get myself into a position wh
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The New Drako's DenMany of you who have been to TNSC lately may have noticed the following message:"The TNSC Community is now Drako's DenPlease update all your bookmarks for our new Domain:"We are pleased to announced that we have cr
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A request... ? The world is full of mistakes, it is how we as humans learn, grow, and become better people. ? Therefore, I firmly believe that everyone deserves a second chance. ? I myself am no exception to these things... ? I have made some serious mista
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Why date those with their heart on their sleeve...I found this online, and it rings so true.(Was originally written about girls, but I edited it because there are guys like this too)By Joe Valentine:We?ve all met one. To some (s)he?s the ?emotional train w
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Realization...I was helping a local friend shop recently, and she helped me come to a major realization.A couple years ago, I was doing a lot of stupid stuff based on fear...I pushed someone out of our home because I was afriad of him... and myself.Then I
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The need for history...Someone recently said to me:The past is in the past, what I look at is right now.We cannot forget the past, so it will not repeat itself.I always considered myself a Christian simply because I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ
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Picking the scab...Recently, someone had me in tears...They brought up something, a mistake of mine, from 2 years ago.I was really hard on myself over that mistake, and it is still a bit of a sore subject...I have not fully healed from it yet...I felt all
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The Silence has been NecessaryI was recently speaking to a friend who feels the things I have being doing to "punish" myself for my past mistakes are not fair, especially since he feels that I was not the only one at fault for those mistakes.Yes, it is tru
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