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It's never been easy to find someone accepting of who/what I am that wants to real relationship. Sure, I could find someone more than likely who wants to "fuck the freak" or have a meaningless fling to fulfill their fetish desires but as far as finding som
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Now first off, I'm not talking about in a sexual sense. I'm not forward in asking for lewd photos or dirty talk or anything, that isn't what this is about. No apparently I am too forward on what it is that I am looking for in someone. My standards are "too
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Well, I could be a complete asshole and just say "the fucking requirements for me" but, I think the yes's and no's sounds a little better personally. But basically, this is my way of weeding through unnecessary bullshit for me and anyone else whom this
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Another day down, another small fire. Just relaxing out in the yard with my firepit losing myself in the flicker and crackle of the flame. I love this time of year, so relaxing, well at least when I am no where near my current job. Plan on leaving it after
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I'm just crazy enough.... makes it fun :p

just ramblings of the padded room inhabitant as well as padded bottomed

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