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Good morning my sweet baby, today we ave a busy day! First lets get you up and have a new diaper on you! So lay down on you hot pink changing table and slide off your pajama pants followed by your shirt and plastic panties. Then I am going to undo the left
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Well look at you all happy and playing in your cute dress that you're abdl mommy bought you! I just love watching you play with your toys! Since you been such a great little girl for mommy, you deserve a present! so why don't i get your diaper change and w
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Listen here princess mommy isn’t going to let you keep wetting your bed! You know what mommy’s going to do about this? First I am going to pull you over my knee and give you forty swats on your sweet sissy bottom. Maybe you will learn not to wet your bed!
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You have had one too many accidents! So now what do I do? forcing you into diapers just isn't humiliating enough for you anymore! So I think I am going to go grab your pretty dress out of the closet, you know the one! You hate? Yes, that one! And some pret
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Aww what do we have here My sweet adult baby girl is already in her crib with her bottle of milk, tucked in and holding her sweet stuffy. I didn't even have to tell her twice or threaten her with spankings tonight! mommy is so very proud of you! Tomorrow y
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How Dare You peek into mommy's panty drawer ! You dirty little adult baby boy! now get over here and take down your diaper and I am going to give you 65 bare bottom spankings. I wanna hear you count out loud for each one of them too! under stand me? This b
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Look at my sweet #adultbaby laying there soo cute sleeping soundly in her crib. I wonder what she is dreaming about ? maybe mommy breastfeeding her! or maybe going toy shopping! or maybe a day of pampering !! I think that is exactly what you need is a full
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How it feel to sit in that dirty diaper? that nice, warm and moist feeling on your bottom, I know you enjoy it and that is why you lie to me just so you sit you get to sit in it! or maybe mommy need to bend you over my lap and give you 25 bare bottom spank
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I walk in to my adult baby boys nursery to him hiding behind his toy box. Umm what do you think you're doing?? "nuffins mommy" he said, are you lying to mommy because then you will be punished. "Well I Might have made a stinkys". Well now big boy you just
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The things I love about diapers are, well everything ! they make my butt look good hehe, I love how soft they feel on me,. and how many different designs. I especially love the Bambino Bellismo's my favorite tell me some of your favorite things about diape
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The Things I Like Most about Diapers
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