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I'm feeling so conflicted. So most who know me know that I am a very kind, loving, and nurturing mommy. I love my ABies and love teaching them things. Well, I have one AB and I know that he intentionally does the things that really get under my skin. For i
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I am having a little bit of a dilemma here. I am trying to decide how many times I should allow my ab to wet his diaper before I change him. Sometimes, I let him pee pee 3 times before a changing. Sometimes less if he has a leaky diaper and alot of pee :).
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What a day! Today we had a play date with 5 ABy's while the mommy's enjoyed an afternoon of sun, lemonade and exchanging the different stages of our ABies. There were toys everywhere, they had so much fun together. One of the AB's is pretty naughty and he
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