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Any nappy people in Cairns Australia look me up.
puddles52 05.02.2016 0 278

Put out the garbage as usual the other night about 10pm when no ones about, but that night the neighbors were up and the 5 year old came out his front door as I walked past. The look on his face was priceless when he noticed I was wearing only a nappy?and
puddles52 12.26.2015 1 365

I believe that the best ever wet nappy experience would be to have one guy piss down the back of my nappy while another pisses down the front then a third piss in my face while I pee too.
puddles52 10.12.2015 2 384

Put the garbage out tonight in just a nappy, three times, lots of people saw, I got horny
puddles52 09.01.2015 2 360

Had a guy over tonight and had good sex. Got him into plastic sissy diaoer cover. He loved it.
puddles52 08.28.2015 1 543
Just and old bloke who likes his nappies and wishes to meet others of like mind

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