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So obviously everyone on here has a weeee bit of a fetish. The site as it is, either you're into watersports, ageplay, diapers, ddlg, etc etc etc....  I just want to take a moment to remind people that, no matter what your fetish is, or what ever your bund
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Hey everyone. Just wanted to let everyone know me and my wife also AB/DL share a blog on Tumblr. We post original content and things we like in the AB/DL community. We're new to social media and a little shy. Come view and like our page Diapered Adventures
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Stemming from a conversation with a new friend, time to reiterate the obvious, but not always put into words.. Seems as if current situations have put minorities and LGBTQ's under scrutiny. And even though we don't currently have any letters in that acron
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Hi! I never feel so happy as when l let it all go....l sink into my baby bed and go through my routine of regressing, sloughing off all of life, returning to the happiest, simplest state of mind humans can get to...contented infancy!! Blanketing myself wit
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