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Are there any naughty diaper girls that live in my area that needs a spanking?
spankurfanny 05.21.2020 1 149

I'm interested to hear about what kind of punishments all the babies like. Do you like a firm lecture, a little humiliation, or just a good hard spanking on that little bottom?
BbMommy 11.17.2016 4 748

Having a quick browse through the profiles here, it seems that there are vastly more men portraying themselves as women, than there are 100% born women looking for a genuine Daddy Dom. Are there actually any Daddy Doms in the UK out there? Come out come ou
diaper_dreams 02.18.2016 6 729

I received my RoboSpanker with bench and restraints. Fully stocked nursery for sissy babies. Would love to have playmates. I can be your Daddy, Sibling Baby Girl, or just your naughty Baby Girl in need of discipline. Home alone during school hours Monday'
dafkmf12 12.05.2015 1 1194

As is often the case with "live blogged" punishments, I've been told to ask for suggestions from the crowd. Please try to keep suggestions sane. I can't be walking around my neighbourhood in just a diaper or something like that - though most other things a
burningbottom 07.11.2014 7 2834

I skipped out on updating last night because I was so exhausted and fell asleep. I did, however, finally get to sleep in a clean diaper for the first time since my punishment started. It was so much nicer waking up without a dirty diaper. ? Yesterday after
burningbottom 07.10.2014 0 1128

We've decided to make a change to the daily spanking that I receive so long as I continue smoking. Previously, I was given a spanking at bed time if I smoked at all that day. The number of swats I received would go up each day, unless I quit. ? The problem
burningbottom 07.09.2014 1 1116

I was given a reprieve last night and was allowed to forgo my bed time maintenance spanking because my bottom was already so sore. The maintenance spanking was only moved to this morning though, so it's not like I got out of a spanking, just delayed it. ?
burningbottom 07.09.2014 0 2076

Wow, was I ever not prepared for today's punishment. Forgetting about the important work project was a big mistake. But I was the one who made the mistake, and now I've got to take my licks for it - literally. This afternoon and this evening seem like one
burningbottom 07.09.2014 0 1338

Well, I didn't fare much better this afternoon. I received my mid-day maintenance spanking around 2:00pm. After that I had a couple of accidents. My diaper was wet, I asked for a change, and rolled the die, but was told I needed to wait another hour and a
burningbottom 07.08.2014 0 1172