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79 days ago 1 comments Categories: Baby Blogs Tags: abdl and the online community
I'm not normally the type to say negative things but a rant is definitely needed. I probably spend a lot of time on YouTube and Facebook and I think the one thing I'll never understand is people who f
22 days ago 0 comments Categories: Dating and Personals Tags: erotica
So, first off if you are reading this thank you. I'm trying to get it out so pardon the spelling. So, where shall I start, I met what I would call my perfect match some time ago and we seem to be hitt
98 days ago 2 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I remember the first time I bought a package of diapers for myself.  I had tried diapers before but I would just grab one or two from a package at someone’s house that had a baby.  I went to a Wal-Mar
286 days ago 2 comments Categories: Baby Blogs Tags:
I like getting a rush. I like being embarrsed in publice and thing slike that. So tonight I decided to do something daring. And even though I got caught, I got reget it. Tonight I went outside, in the
36 days ago 2 comments Categories: Baby Blogs Tags:
My childhood diaper experiences were very risky.  Thinking I was the only one in the world with this strange desire to be diapered, and having a large family, you can imagine the risk I took by even w
38 days ago 1 comments Categories: Holidays Tags:
I went on vacation recently for the holidays, and I was visiting family.  Most of them know about me being gay, but no one knows about my diapers.  Recently I had been wearing diapers a lot more than
39 days ago 1 comments Categories: Baby Blogs Tags: diapers, wet, mess, plastic pants
Probably my best diaper experience came with a guy named Bob.  We had played together several times and become comfortable with each other.  He was more free and easy than me, I was more reserved but
48 days ago 3 comments Categories: Baby Blogs Tags:
Well, here I am, late night, surfing, wishing I were diapered.  I've worn all my life, as a kid pretend diapers with a plastic table cloth as my plastic pants.  Now I wear disposables when I can, have
73 days ago 1 comments Categories: Blogging for Money Tags: Donate, buy-in, invest, investment, buy
I am starting a collection to buy realestate. to deal with legal issues involved. and to create a paradise for Big babies and their peers.   where Big babies can be properly cared for and loved. where
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