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I'm not normally the type to say negative things but a rant is definitely needed. I probably spend a lot of time on YouTube and Facebook and I think the one thing I'll never understand is people who find they can't resist the urge to "troll" its senseless
wittlebabyjayne · 301 days ago

I like getting a rush. I like being embarrsed in publice and thing slike that. So tonight I decided to do something daring. And even though I got caught, I got reget it. Tonight I went outside, in the middle of my front yard, wearing nothing but a diaper a
Bunnybaby · 507 days ago

today when daddy was giving me my ath he caught me playng with myself. Daddy was very cross and spanked my private area hard and then my bottom. He said naughty lil girls who play with them selves grow up to be cock sucking sluts or anal whores.. He spanke
mollypissypanties · 21 days ago

Just been to the Museum of Childhood last week in Edinburgh.  As well as the toys you would expect, they have babycare items and I found they had a great little display of nappies and plastic pants etc.  I couldn't linger or take photos as I was visiting w
tibsy · 41 days ago

This morning I had an appointment with my new primary care doctor. This was to be a get acquainted visit and basic checkup. Normally I wear cloth pin-on diapers with plastic baby panties, but whenever I see a new doctor I get all kinds of questions like,
pottypanties · 46 days ago

There's an ad on this site for what looks like a dating service (that's more or less what it is). There's nothin' wrong with that, but the bold tag line has been something that's bothered me. You've probably seen it.   STOP WEARING DIAPERS ALONE   I feel l
galen · 79 days ago

I am a nice and loving Mommy. I love to take care of all my abbies as if they were my own. I won’t tease you with taunting. Whatever abbie wants Mommy Candy will make sure he has it. Nurturing only comes natural to a Mommy such as myself. It is an instinct
MommyCandy · 98 days ago

anyone else like jogger jeans / cuffed jeans? I do because they're like toddler jeans for adults - love em!
tibsy · 149 days ago

I've noticed a few unsettling habits on this website so I'm offering everyone some nice no bs list of dos and donts of chat and messages and so forth.   Always read someone's profile before chatting with them.Respect what they post and if they don't like s
wittlebabyjayne · 201 days ago

I lost my guy friend boyfriend whatever you want to call him because I told him about me being an adult baby
babybatmanlover · 207 days ago
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