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Do you like to be swaddled in a blanket? Do you need your Mommy to nurse you with her big fat nipples, her large fat bottles of milk? I like to show off my baby to all my friends and show them how good little baby is... Change your diaper in public. Maybe
abdlmommycrissy 04.07.2016 1 482

You have had one too many accidents! So now what do I do? forcing you into diapers just isn't humiliating enough for you anymore! So I think I am going to go grab your pretty dress out of the closet, you know the one! You hate? Yes, that one! And some pret
littleMommyJaney 08.26.2016 2 155

As me and my sissy come home to see a car parked in are driveway. " Mom what is dat car doing in the middle of our driveway. " I say with my binkie in my mouth "She is the babysitter." Mom says. "I do not need a babysitter." I say loudly. "Yes you do " she
diapered_baby 07.10.2016 1 147

There is just something so innocent yet so kinky about diaper fetish. To talk about your diapers, whether cloth or disposable and have you getting very excited in them, makes me so hotMy favorite play is sissy play I love to dress you up like a baby prince
abdlmommycrissy 04.08.2016 4 254

I'm not normally the type to say negative things but a rant is definitely needed. I probably spend a lot of time on YouTube and Facebook and I think the one thing I'll never understand is people who find they can't resist the urge to "troll" its senseless
wittlebabyjayne 12.10.2014 0 551

Good morning my sweet baby, today we ave a busy day! First lets get you up and have a new diaper on you! So lay down on you hot pink changing table and slide off your pajama pants followed by your shirt and plastic panties. Then I am going to undo the left
littleMommyJaney 09.28.2016 2 100

Oh I see you hiding in your closet. Why!? What have you done. You know mommy hates when you are a bad little boy. No one wants to spank a cutie pit but I will. I have a very special paddle just for naughty little hoodlums like you! Now come out of there
SweetDiaperGoddess 09.16.2016 0 89

How Dare You peek into mommy's panty drawer ! You dirty little adult baby boy! now get over here and take down your diaper and I am going to give you 65 bare bottom spankings. I wanna hear you count out loud for each one of them too! under stand me? This b
littleMommyJaney 08.05.2016 1 117

Hola, busco a alguien que quiera cuidarme y tratarme como una bebe
yste 04.05.2016 0 100

I like getting a rush. I like being embarrsed in publice and thing slike that. So tonight I decided to do something daring. And even though I got caught, I got reget it. Tonight I went outside, in the middle of my front yard, wearing nothing but a diaper a
Bunnybaby 05.17.2014 3 2255