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capricorn Have a super day everyone!
Hellos! Bouncy happy fella who loves all things baby! Hooray! All of the great feelings and interplays and roleplay that can happe…
pisces max2003
just a diaper lover and hopefully this is long enough ha and I am a big diaper boy forever and love diaper punishment and I will y…
Just a nice...little boy from Holland..funny..AB...have too wear...but love to is 24/7 diapers and plastic pants...…
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nappy wearer. wear often.  
Heyooo n.n I'm Graeme as you might have caught onto I'm 23 and Daddy/AB switch :)I am absolutely terrible at filling these things …
sagittarius Feeling like a naughty little boy. Need to be put in place
So thought I would change and update this a little :) I'm mostly an AB but can switch for the right person. I am a very open perso…
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sagittarius here to make friends
hi I am looking for people to chat to....... I have experience of being an AB.. with experience of having a loving mommy to me ...…
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