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I am looking for a full time daddy and ab fwends, ?I am gay please feel to get in touch. [email protected] KIK babyian ¬†
ABDL looking for mommy or a daddy to baby me. I want to be put in thick, bulky diapers and treated like the little baby I am. I li…
I have been a diaper lover for all my life. I'm looking for a fellow diaper lover that lives close to me. They could be a male DL …
I m a DL maybe a bit of ABDL living in Baldivis but love wearing Terry nappies and waterproof pants and my onesie every night¬†prob…
I'm a Mommy-type basically just looking for everlasting friendships with men or women (or any other gender / genderless). I'm look…
I've got a cure if you wet the bed, diapers and electric shocks Electric shocks to the genitals is just right Wet your diapers you…
Hello all just checking this out
New Ab looking to grow my intrest
I am 23 year old transwoman pre hormones indulging in my sissy baby identity. My name is Penelope Poopsalot I love diapers using t…
pisces All available for a Kik or Skype chat. Private me FIRST
Hello everyone, name's Simon. I'm 31 years old and i am from Canada. What i really want to have some chat with people wh…
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