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Hello! My name is Bella and yes I am a girl for real. I love wearing diapers and being a baby when I can. I would like to have a d…
I've got a cure if you wet the bed, diapers and electric shocks Electric shocks to the genitals is just right Wet your diapers you…
I am an ABDL in search of him Momme/Domme, If want to know more just ask!:)
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gemini love going dancing
i enjoy reading playing sports video games
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sagittarius I'm new here :-)
Bettina is an adult toddler girl - always 3 years old. On 18 May 1997 she was born in Berlin - Germany. It was hidden in the body …
Hiiii I'm Tracie!!! ?Trans-girl!!! ?Been in diapers forever!!!!:):) Im still in diapers 24/7 cuz when I was really really little l…
Am john 40 in to diapersĀ 
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