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Always diapered. Like look of cloth diapers & plastic pants, like the feel of wet disposables. Love wearing thick obvious diapers with cute juvenile clothing in public. Love sleeping in my crib filled with plush bunnies. I think I''ve been an AB furry my whole life but didn''t know my love of furry things had a name. I love baby clothes & baby things too. Anything cute.


I am incontinent and have been in diapers full time for the last 20 years. I was a bed wetter before that and always wore diapers at night. By age 7 I was wearing diapers during the day too. Not because I had to but because I wanted to.


About 10 years ago I discovered there were others that liked diapers. I have since met people that liked baby & furry things and even being a baby furry. I discovered I had loved these things too but had never understood these feeling before.


I am and IT professional. I like the outdoors, Shopping for baby things & plushies, Watching and collecting cartoons. I have collected most of the cartoon series of the 70s, 80s & 90s. I love watching cartoons in my diapers, plastic pants & blanket sleeper.


I would like to meet someone to wear diapers with & do things together like play & watch cartoons (no sex). Someone who is either as brave as I am to go out in diapers with, who I could take out in diapers or would take me out in diapers. Someone to act like a caregiver in public would be cool so I could act more childish in public, like carrying my stuffed bunny & wearing juvenile clothing.

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bebeandres wrote bunnyabfur
hi baby
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bebeandres wrote bunnyabfur
hi baby
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