Looking for the real mommy, are you her? Add me on kik at bewarethecarrot!

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Hi there! *waves* I am the Harry Potter...well, kind of, sort of...ok not really but I am still magical :p.

I am a musical little, a world traveler, a dreamer, an avid adventurer, and a Disney lover (ha! DL....see what I did there?)

I am in central Florida for the time being and am looking for interesting people to get to know and hang out with as well as looking for the other half, mama.

Do you want to attract me? Show me your intelligence. Show me who you are in addition to what you are. I am not your typical ‘little boy’ and anyone who knows me will tell you the same thing. I would highly recommend having a sense of humor, and the ability to hold a real conversation when talking to me. I actually enjoy having meaningful discussions about a variety of topics classical or otherwise unique. Extra points if you can keep it going.
It's a big world out there and I want every piece of it I can get my hands on. I am notably more active on Instagram and you are more than welcome to follow me @thelittlestpotter!
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21 days ago
Jlpdprd wrote crinklemonsterr
I live in Crystal River and would enjoy chatting sometime to get to know you and maybe meeting up with you if we feel that we are comfortable together. I have been a bedwetter my entire life and wear diapers when I get off work unless we are going out.I have a wife who tolerates me wearing but doesn't participate in it.I just want to talk and hang out with people who understand the wants and need to behave in this manner. I have never talked with or hung out with people who practice the ABDL lifestyle.... see more I would love to have that opportunity let me know what you think. Hopefully hear from you soon.
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