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A previous boyfriend had a serious diaper fetish and through the mutual support of each other we had gotten to a stage where he was most turned on by putting me in a diaper and we would go throughout our day or time together. I'll admit that what seemed like a totally personal play time between the two of us started to change my feelings when one evening we had been out for a long while and had stopped into Walmart to pick up a few things. I remember asking him if I could run to the restroom and he had this silly smile on his face. At first, I didn't think he understood the urgency of my situation as to get to the point of asking my physical state was long past the point of retaining control. He reached out to me and brushed my hair back away from my cheek and started to kiss me right there in the middle of the store. I squirmed a little bit then realized he wasn't planning on letting me go and I looked him right in the eyes and asked if he was planning \ wanting me to go right there... I received and answer of "yes baby girl" and really being afraid to walk a single step at that point relaxed enough to experience my first wetting in public. He saw the fear rush across my face because we had been out for so long that it felt like a day's worth of fluid was rushing out of me and I started to say in a panic that I couldn't stop it. I felt this rush and puddle completely surround my front and back and stood there motionless as he started to kiss me again so I had an excuse to not move. Although I didn't know it at the time, the diaper was going to absorb everything I released into it as out playtime had progressed from the drugstore brands to larger baby looking diapers he had purchased off the internet and within a minute or two the wetness feeling lessened a little and I felt a heaviness under my skirt. He looked my back in the eyes and asked if baby girl was ready to start walking again and I replied yes so we finished up our shopping and headed to the checkout. Looking back I remember looking around feeling that everyone in the store knew about my plight and was judging me but I can now realize that he was the only person around us that knew anything about my condition. The ride back to his home felt equally humiliating as I tried several time to hover myself above the seat but it only made the feeling more profound when a bump or something would cause me to bounce back down. I think we also stopped off at Walgreen on the way as somewhere along our list of experiences a pacifier was added to the things we kept in my purse but I'm not sure if it was that night or a different one. I was looking forward to him putting me into something dry and I guess didn't mind if it was another diaper but the experiences we had planted a seed that has caused me to explore a number of other things on my own.

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Mdboy wrote cuddlecups72
Hi im 31yo wm ill be in san angelo march and april of 2019 i would love to chat and get to know each other andmaybe get together. Email me at
Kew at mail dot com
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ice1992 wrote cuddlecups72
Let's hook up baby I'll let u diaper me and breastfeed me kik I am babynicky92 and [email protected] and [email protected]  I have a kinky lifestyle of be adult baby as diaper fetish
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Bonsey wrote cuddlecups72
I'll be your man you have beautiful butt in diapers like to talk message me
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cuddlecups72 info
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mender12 wrote cuddlecups72
I'm an Daddy/Switch because I too enjoy wearing diapers. However, I'm a DL, so I can still play daddy when diapered. I'm in the northern Chicago burbs, about an hour from Milwaukee. I'm always looking for new friends If you wanna chat, feel free to contact me.
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daddy63 wrote cuddlecups72
We missed the fire works now what?
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daddy63 wrote cuddlecups72
Lets do fireworks
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daddy63 wrote cuddlecups72
Hi Cuddlecups

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Wetmessy wrote cuddlecups72
Wow you look hot drop me a line from WI
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