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Hi my name is Cynthia silverbelle(not really but it is Cynthia), I am a baby dragon cow girl, familiar, mad scientist, writer, and an emotional support pet girl(ESPG), seeking a loving nurturing supportive mommy. it is my job as an ESPG to provide my mommy with advice, emotional or physical (hugs cuddles and what have moo) support and to serve my mommy however they might need, be it normal service or other fun activity.


I prefer to take my time and have fun getting to know someone so I can get to understand who you are so their is a vanilla relationship built on open honest communication, trust, friendship and love. I believe trust and love must be mutually earned by us both and built over time.  I also believe open communication and honesty breeds trust, loyalty, and closeness. I think the process of building a kink relationship relies on, of course, trust and open honest communication but it also relies on the Inter-play between domme and sub. If that interplay isn't fun, doesn't allow for healthy expression of fantasies, and isn’t mutually beneficial then what's the point? A kink relationship should be enjoyable, based on negotiated consent, breed positive mental health and be fluid enough to change when need be based on the needs of the two( or more) people involved and changes over time.


I want you to know I am an ex Domme. I loved domming but I learned everything I needed to know and I no longer want nor desire the responsibility of dominance. So please understand I am not a lowly pet who knows nothing, I am an experienced familiar looking for a mommy worthy enough to own me. Like depictions of familiar’s in fantasy my submission and loyalty must be earned, but when earned it has been earned I am fiercely loyal and probably one of the most trustworthy supportive protective submissive and loving girls around. I am the kind of pet that serves as my mommy’s 2nd and acts as her closest advisor, confidant and lover hopefully. I am not the kind of sub that always says yes and agrees with you. I am a free thinking precocious little scamp who is more then willing to tell you no, use her safe words responsibly and disagree with you, in the knowledge that real disagreements will be settled through calm discussion and not argument and that my thoughts and feelings will be heard and considered. I am a survivor of physical and emotional abuse and was saddled with a lot of responsibility as a kid. I eventually found myself on the submissive side of things but when I was given the chance to learn about the lifestyle I instead chose to learn the art of dominance so I could understand the role of the Domme and become stronger because I believe it is a pet, and submissives job to be pillars that support and uplift their domme in the knowledge that they will be a pillar that supports and uplifts me equally. I also believe that as a submissive I need boundaries and someone to serve in order to feel fulfilled and happy.


Whew now that you understand how I can serve and the type of pet I am and the nature of the kink relationship I seek let me tell you about my subby side. My submissive side is split into a few pieces.  First I’m never not a baby girl I love being treated like an infant or toddler I also have a place in my heart for forced regression and being made to be a baby girl long term even including diapering 24/7.  Only stopping when I have to for work and real life/adult stuff requires me to act all adulty otherwise I just wanna be your cute playful baby familiar that loyally serves by your side. My pet side though is a mix of two different animals first is my cow side it is my more sexual side but it is also my most vulnerable side I am my most affectionate, caring, and submissive when I am being a little cowgirl. Sadly this side is also the one that hold my sadness. this side needs the most support care and affection and not one to provide anything beyond physical affection and support in times of hardship mostly of the non sexual cuddly variety. This side definitely likes things like bondage feedism, forced orgasm, being made to lactate and getting milked helplessness and other of my more dirty sexual kinks and fantasies. Then there is my dragon side which is my more playful protective willful and confident side. This side likes to play around, playfully tease and test you by acting out to see if you will respond when I step over the line. This is mostly so their is fun in the relationship and to make sure you are a worthy mommy and can be trusted with my heart and soul. This side is also very caring a good listener highly empathetic and serves in a more emotional support capacity listening and offering alternative perspectives and advice. These three parts blend together to make my subby side and the essence of my kink identity. 


Finally now that all that fun important kinky hooplah is out of the way I can tell you about my out of kink self. So I’m a student studying biochemistry and microbiology but I like all sorts of Brain stimulating discussions I'm a huge geek if you get talking about science or my story. I enjoy writing and watching TV movies anime and cartoons mostly of the fictional fantasy or scifi genres but I like other stuff like mystery and stuff of that nature. I’m a big nerd and i like other stuff like videogames and the pen and paper kind of role playing. I do also do a teensy wincy bit of art here and there. I do suffer from three things depression, anxiety, and body dysphoria. I have them mostly under control but I have bad days and good days like anyone else. Um it shouldn't matter but I am a trans woman and have been living as a woman for almost a third of my life. I don't seek one and done play I am looking for a true respectful loving relationship that has a negotiated 24/7 kink component based on trust and healthy expression between myself and 1-2 people preferably a mommy or a special trans Daddy. I hope you have found yourself all the way here. If your interested in being my mommy or just wanna be a friend you can talk to and discuss anything interesting on your mind please message I always welcome fun conversation and new friends if I am treated respectfully. If you don't you shouldn't be surprised if you get burned, bit, and scratched, I am part dragon after all.


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slvobaby wrote cynthiazhall
oh I thought you left me as we were chatting back and forth my membership wont allow me to email you any more today so if you want to chat baby we need to kik or text
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ULL9074R wrote cynthiazhall

I know you've drawn the lines (am a man), but I'm near, and am very interested in finding someone with the same interests. However you want to take things is fine by me.
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It's supposed to hurt, that's why it's a punishment
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