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 I started off as purely a DL and it was just a sexual thing. Ever since I’ve joined up to Fetlife, I started to read. I’d read captions on photos, comments, groups, profiles and conversations with other members. It’s amazing how much it’s slowly transitioned me from a DL to more of an age player.
??????? I like being in little space to relax and unwind from the stresses of life. I don’t normally have a specific age in mind, I’m pretty flexible. I like colouring, cuddling with my stuffies, watching kids shows on telly, crawling around and drawing or finger painting.
???? I’m open to meeting the right girl here for a relationship, but I’m mostly here to make friends with other littles. Obviously if the right pieces fell together and the planets aligned then it would be great, but it’s just nice to chat and share experiences.
????????? I’m actually pretty personable in person, but when it comes to my little side, I’m pretty shy. I’ve never actually met another little in real life (even just for a vanilla conversation) but I’m open to it if we can get to know each other online a bit first.
???? I’m not a really sexual person, I pretty much look for an emotional connection before a physical connection in all aspects of life. Even though I feel sexually attracted to someone, I often won’t be able to act on it without an underlying emotional connection.
???? I’m not really looking for a Daddy, and I’m pretty much completely straight when it comes to a sexual nature, but I am not saying I’d rule it out completely with the right person.
??????? If there’s anything you want to know about my little side, please ask! Maybe it’s something I’ve not considered and I’ll learn something myself!

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