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Well for starter, I am just your normal (well not exactly) 22 year old. I am here to hopefully meet new people who share the same interest as I and enjoy having a nice conversation. I am not here looking for anything sexual mainly just friendships unless we click or something.

As far as life goes, I am currently a Senior in college, studying a ridiculously hard major, Actuarial Science (GOOGLE IT). Yes, I am a nerd lol. Anyways, when my life is not being sucked away by all the school work, I love to workout, play soccer, baseball, go fishing, and anything else that look interesting. I do love to watch tv, especially anything that gets your mind going and thinking, like the discovery and history channel (Yes, Aliens are real, lol).

As you can see from my pictures yes i am a AB/DL, leaning more on the DL side and yes i have been into it all my life. I discovered it way before I realized anyone else was out there. You could really just say I was born in to it as it start at a very early age. I do think it is extremely adorable when a girl choose get all diapered and dressed up. Just make me wanna pick them up and twirl them around lol ^.^

That about it really, for anyone looking for a nice conversation feel free to message me. I am filled with a bunch of random facts so it should be interesting lol. I do have a yahoo account but u still have to message me first if you want to know it so :p lol

i have been in to diapers for as long as i can remember. my family is not the most understanding when it come to this matter so there for i am forced to hide my secret from them and not where diapers like i would like to. i am very protective of my identity so i will never reveal evething till i get to know you. i do like to wet and mess in them just like a real baby but then again that what they were made for

Looking to meet other girl (possible start a friendship and relationship) who share my understanding and will accept me for who i am. I could be a possible daddy as well if thats what ur looking for

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